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    Two queens, Dilemma

    I have one hive that came through last winter very strong so I was hopeful of a productive year, however my bees have kept me on my toes and I now find that I’m in a predicament. During the early spring I was doing regular inspections all seemed well, the hive numbers were increasing well I even...
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    Converting Brood-and-Half to Double Brood

    Mainly due to lack of experience and lack of equipment I've ended up with a brood-and-half hive. Reading and learning that this is a messy and undesirable way to keep bees I have thought about trying to convert this hive into a double brood box. Is there an easy way to this?
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    Lost Queen

    Thanks for the answers so far, I would like to think the new queen is okay and will start to show herself soon. I'll have to polish up my skills and track her down now I know I have at least one to find.
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    Lost Queen

    I'm very new to beekeeping so forgive my naive questions A good friend of mine gave me a colony of bees earlier this year with a promise that when the weather got better he would come down and start to show me how to look after them. Well the weather never did get that better so we missed the...