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    Custom Jar Labels

    In the US, there are many print options on Amazon, very reasonably priced. I chose one, placed a small order and was happy enough to continue ordering. The vinyl labels hold up thru a heavy duty cycle on the dishwasher, for people who return jars to us. $$$-Less than half of Avery or Vistaprint.
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    Warming honey

    Great advice. Thank you!
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    Warming honey

    Does that work if I want it to cool and heat? Using the Elitech device, you plug in the heater and fridge to the same plug so you can heat and cool. I’m calling the company today and report back if this actually works.
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    Warming honey

    Thanks for all the advice. I think I’m going to try converting an old fridge that I already have. One last question about that. Do I need to disable the existing internal thermostat on the fridge when I plug it into the Elitech STV 1000 pro or does this added thermostat override the one in...
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    Heated Settling Tanks

    Is there a recommended place to put the temp gauge hole and the heating unit wire hole(s) that is safe? Once you’ve set the desired temp, will the unit alternate between heating/cooling to maintain that temperature, or do you manually adjust? Newbee here.
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    Warming honey

    Thanks for all this great information! I’m writing a grant to try and get funding for a honey creamer that would also warm honey. It’s a long shot. I’ll look I to these options. I’m a female bee keeper with no experience in electronics beyond changing out a light fixture. But if I can find...
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    Warming honey

    Is there a how-to link to setting up a refrigerator to warm and cool honey, depending on the season? Also, when you warm crystallized honey, does it re-crystallize faster the next time around? It seems to me it does. Did I maybe not melt all the crystals? I was using a warm water bath and...
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    Getting creative with wax!

    You definitely can use the thinner foundation. You want to make sure to role it snugly and evenly. However, you always want to keep in mind what the width of your candle will be when you’re finished. The thinner the foundation, the thinner the candle will be. People want taper candles that...
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    Does anyone else do Christmas gifts

    In the US, comb is very popular right now. People ask us all the time if we have it. We don’t. I almost never see it for sell.
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    Honey 'churner' - any good?

    I use a heavy duty standard kitchen mixer, and process about 12 pounds of honey and seed at a time. I find that the dough hook mixes the honey very well without introducing a lot of air. I process it in the slowest speed. If it had a lower speed I’d use the standard mixing tool but the...
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    Show stand...any tips?

    I built this stand in about 4 hours, and later whitewashed it. The shelves come out and it folds flat. It looks a little like a Christmas tree! But I’ll use it all year. The vertical braces are 6’ and hinged together. Then you can put as many shelves as you want.
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    Ecostat heating element and thermostat

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    Heated Settling Tanks

    I’ve read several times about refrigerators that have been adapted as warming and cooling cabinets. Can they be set up to do both warming and cooling? What equipment is needed for the set up?
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    Soft Set Consistency

    That is so helpful! And I do see that the term can mean many things. Here, it generally refers to honey that hasn’t been heated at all, or at least not above the hive temperature. And it implies that the honey is minimally strained and processed. But I’m not aware if regulations. I wonder...
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    Soft Set Consistency

    I wasn’t aware that the use of the word ‘raw’ was a problem. The local beekeepers and organic farmers we know sell single source, unheated and only lightly strained honey and call it raw. I guess you live and learn!!! Even after reading the comments, I’m not exactly sure what the primary...
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    Soft Set Consistency

    We don’t heat it and it’s only lightly strained.
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    Soft Set Consistency

    Thank you. This video as excellent. We’ve tried to make and sell only raw, unpasteurized honey. This product may be the exception. What is OSR?
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    Soft Set Consistency

    I’m new to the forum, and one of my goals is to learn more about creamed or soft set honey. (I don’t know the difference!) I’ve made creamed and it is a good consistency. I’d like to sell it but worry about it separating while it is on a store shelf. Where on the forum could I learn more?