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  1. Dishmop

    4 Week Varroa Treatment Done.

    I'm just going to keep at being rude...
  2. Dishmop

    Wasps in Summerhouse full of hives etc. HELP

    another couple of days encouragment should get them there..
  3. Dishmop

    Large Scale Honey production.. Viable ?

    lets be hopefull with you...
  4. Dishmop

    Bee euthanasia ??

    do You youself have the experience to deine that the bees you have a quired (oddly both angry) are bit unsuitable for keeping of the standard you expexct,or was it that your were hoping to syphon some honey off buy now?
  5. Dishmop

    Large Scale Honey production.. Viable ?

    Possible if yoo dont have to keep going back and borrowing the book.
  6. Dishmop

    Wired Foundation Question.

    Nope.. I see Finman has extended his daily periods of stupidity..
  7. Dishmop

    Wired Foundation Question.

    Ever thought of using OMF ?
  8. Dishmop

    Wired Foundation Question.

    How can beekeeping go backwards?
  9. Dishmop

    Wired Foundation Question.

    Dont use any at all.
  10. Dishmop

    Has anyone seen Finman?

    Christ...he's bee watching Allo! Allo! Did wonder if he'd fallen in a silo of honey.
  11. Dishmop

    Solway bees no delivery no reason no contact

    perhapa theyre busy making and packing orders. Do you really want them to phone back and say "we dont know" They cant tell you what they dont know.
  12. Dishmop

    Not possible.....

    I think the bees are proving that the books are wrong....
  13. Dishmop


    Street party and banners?
  14. Dishmop

    Solway bees no delivery no reason no contact

    I often get emails from ebay customers who say they want something quickly for a birthday present in three days time. Because they happens to sit on ebay or wherever at 2 in the morning they expect selllers to be there as well........weekends dont count to them..... Special trips to PO for a...
  15. Dishmop

    Thieving bar stewards

    Not a nice thing to say regarding Rabs frame making skills.
  16. Dishmop

    Thieving bar stewards

    take me longer to walk there than to get in... Stick some more plants in to disguise the hives and paint them shades of green.
  17. Dishmop

    Reusing wax?

    I,d also give them some string.
  18. Dishmop

    I'm ready but have I got everything?

    for sticking into thieves eyes..
  19. Dishmop

    Query about lame bees

    and if you do have a feeder, the bees may just be soaked in syrup...
  20. Dishmop

    I'm ready but have I got everything?