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  1. understanding_bees

    Teenage science (don’t come at me with pitch forks)

    My suggestion was not designed to encourage illegal use. I would be most interested if experiments were performed where the use of Salvia was legal, at least for non-human application. That is the reason why I would hope that there may be beekeepers in France, Holland, or New Zealand who might...
  2. understanding_bees

    Teenage science (don’t come at me with pitch forks)

    The originator of this discussion thread has made some interesting observations, regarding the effect of a particular kind of smoke on “a bee”. The original observation may well have been initiated by curiosity about “things that happen”. Curiosity has been a very real influence into...
  3. understanding_bees

    Foundation Roller?

    I do not have a foundation roller, but I have had success with a silicone mould which I made myself, to make wax foundation sheets. I used a plastic foundation as the positive mould, to make the cell impressions in the silicone material.
  4. understanding_bees

    My most regular customer

    What do you reply when, last week, your most regular customer . . . . . . . . saying that the honey is too sweet? . . . . she buys all her honey in Tescos because she likes it best . . . . the honey is too hard or too runny. . . . . the unchanging nature of the Tesco product. . . . . It...
  5. understanding_bees

    What is this wax formation on old brood frame (pic attached)

    I have a different question about the comb shown in the photograph in posting #1. If you click on the small image to display it as a large image, and then double-click on that image to enlarge it even more, it is then easy to see that very many of the cells have large numbers of “white dots”...
  6. understanding_bees

    MAQS - Formic Pro

    Eric, would you please clarify your use of the word "repeat". Do you mean repetition of the process? From your comment, I think that you might mean "re-tell" of your experience?
  7. understanding_bees

    removing a colony from an attic

    The videos have relevance to the ways in which bees build comb in building cavities, and the type of method in which a bee-vac may be used to remove the bees. I have not told anything which might encourage a DIYer to do any of the kinds of things you have suggested. I have emphasized the...
  8. understanding_bees

    removing a colony from an attic

    You said, I think the OP will find it more useful . . . I think that the most useful thing is to give the most wide ranging advice which is available. Actually, if the OP wishes to receive more information, he is welcome to ask. . . . . rather than referring to other people's YouTube videos...
  9. understanding_bees

    removing a colony from an attic

    And it is just possible that someone who has a substantial brick building does not want to have it dismantled to the extent necessary to remove the bees.
  10. understanding_bees

    removing a colony from an attic

    My preference is also for "bee rescue".
  11. understanding_bees

    removing a colony from an attic

    Your comment is completely valid. In situations such as you describe I appreciate that destruction of the colony is perhaps the most appropriate action.
  12. understanding_bees

    removing a colony from an attic

    In the most recent video posted by Jeff Horchoff less than a day ago he performed a cut-out, in an abandoned house. The house had been abandoned following the damage which occurred during a storm. Several things were of interest to me in this video: On the day when the cut-out was performed the...
  13. understanding_bees

    removing a colony from an attic

    The comments in this discussion thread have been very interesting to read. I was impressed by the thoughtful response of Eric (comment #5), as well as other helpful comments, but I express surprise at the number of comments which have sought to discourage the original enquirer. I made comment...
  14. understanding_bees

    removing a colony from an attic

    You have made some excellent recommendations, and I agree with your advice. Your comments (which I have highlighted in bold) are very helpful. If a bee-vac is used then it is possible to relocate the bees without that delay. The "Robovac" style which Jeff Horchoff described, and which I have...
  15. understanding_bees

    removing a colony from an attic

    Removing a colony of bees from a building is a completely different undertaking to collecting a swarm. A bee-vacuum is an indispensable piece of equipment for this task. One of the most important aspects of a bee-vac machine is the ability to control the intensity of the suction which is used to...
  16. understanding_bees

    Building a cob oven

    The idea of a wood-fired oven for cooking pizzas and bread involves a sense of delight, as well as the delicious taste of well baked food. The Youtube video which has been linked by Curly certainly gives a sense of excitement, with all of the volunteers who helped to build it. From that point...
  17. understanding_bees


    It might even help if you got the spelling right!