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    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Used new extractor for first time, extracted 2 supers and put them back on the hives as they are bringing in stacks of Himalayan Balsam and Rose Bay Willow.
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    Mentor wanted in Inverclyde, Scotland

    I am in Stirlingshire about 25 miles from Greenock. If not to far from you happy to show you around my hives.
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    Frame tool

    I bought one of them off ebay as the chap who is mentoring me had one and I must say that both of us find it invaluable.
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    Efb in Scotland

    Read the article in the Scottish Beekeeper and will look out for forthcoming article. Are you the author of either?
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    Efb in Scotland

    EFB also in the Lothians I have just received the following email from my local association in Glasgow Ten colonies with EFB have been detected in the same general area of the Lothians as the recent AFB cases. This area was checked last year and no foulbrood found. Checking the...
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    Nuc wanted near Glasgow

    I am just starting out . No bees as yet have 2 national hives. None of the members of my club can help with any bees. Hope someone on hear can. Thanks Andrew
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    Another Hello from Scotland

    Hi John Welcome to the forum. I am enjoying learning more about bees through it. I am also a smallholder and am based in Stirlingshire. I would certainly be up to get together to see if there is anything we can help each other out with
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    Hello from Scotland

    thanks for the warm welcome. looking forward to learning lots then getting started beekeeping
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    Hello from Scotland

    Just joined. No bees as yet but have joined Kelvin Valley Beekeepers near Glasgow. I am looking forward to getting our first bees in the spring and will appreciate any help and advice or if anyone has equipment for sale. I am a member of some other fabulous smallholding and poultry forums and I...