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  1. Damo944

    BBKA Spring Convention

    I'm tempted with the Saturday for the talk by Luke & Suzie Hutchinson from Northumberland Honey. Commercial Queen Rearing and Breeding. That's it though.. its a 2 hour drive for a 90 min talk I'll decide on the day..
  2. Damo944

    Bakers Honey

    I didn't expect a per gram price 🤣 But that is a good price! Two blokes near me sell for £6.50 per lb.. bloody nuts
  3. Damo944

    Bakers Honey

    That's a good price. What would you charge for a standard Runny honey?
  4. Damo944

    Bakers Honey

    Hi all, Just a query around labeling of Bakers Honey and what is ans isn't required. I see date, lot, weight is the same. No information about floral type is to mentioned The phrase 'intended for Cooking Use Only' Would I still use 'produce of england'? Do I still need to provide my contact...
  5. Damo944

    First Queens Of The Season

    I'll agree, had a few of Laurence the past couple of years and they have all been absolute beasts. No doubt I'll be ordering a couple more for some early season splits next week.
  6. Damo944

    What did you do in the 'workshop' today

    @Vanterrier Check out Dyson battery adaptor on amazon/eBay and old work colleague has one and sticks an 18v Makita battery on the Dyson at home.. would work well for you and increase your runtime.
  7. Damo944


    I had a chat with them, great looking gear and at great prices. Had to hold back pulling the trigger without knowing more. I believe the vlokes behind it are polish and ship it over.
  8. Damo944


    Duncan the UK supplier is very active on the InstantVap Facebook group, pop a message in there and he will answer. There also at thr Telford show in a couple of week.
  9. Damo944

    Full face mask for Vaping.

    I use the same one, it's fantastic get a great seal even with my beard, full visibility and I have not had any fogging issues. I got the recommendation from a Stuart Spinks video and glad I went with it. Along with the instantvap mite treatment is a breeze.
  10. Damo944

    What did you do in the 'workshop' today

    Wow. Good to know cheers.
  11. Damo944

    What did you do in the 'workshop' today

    How did you dispose of the mixture after you were done? I can't recall seeing that on the NBU guidance.
  12. Damo944

    Wax or plastic foundation poll

    Wired sheets for me across the board. I use mainly 14x12s and had some sucess with the frames and feeders frames and will look at moving another 4 hives over this season. Also picked up a few standard plastic sheets to try this year. But if I had to pick one its the wax sheets. Ask again next...
  13. Damo944

    Many going to the National Honey Show?

    Haha I was say to the right of you for this picture. Had a great little chat with Michael Palmer beforehand. Some great talks, won a 1st prize and spent far too much 🤣
  14. Damo944

    Many going to the National Honey Show?

    Looking forward to the tall tomorrow!
  15. Damo944

    Many going to the National Honey Show?

    Saturday for me also, looking forward to the Mike Palmer lecture.
  16. Damo944

    Fruugo - cheap kit for the frugal

    Oh wow, I got mine before the UK supplier was around, came with decent instructions and a nice import bill.. The other bits from the Telford show. Was under the impression it came with one of each now.
  17. Damo944

    Fruugo - cheap kit for the frugal

    I'd also recommend getting a silicone nozzle I melted a few poly nuc entrances last year before sticking a silicone straw to the end. Pretty sure I read they now come with one nozzle and a silicone cleaner cup. Also saw the new uploaded video of the silicone cover to help with heat retention...
  18. Damo944

    Instant vap, used for first time

    I use homemade underfloor entranced from this forum, drilled a whole in the back and vape through that, nothing fancy but does the job. Might just vape through the OMF itself in future...
  19. Damo944

    What did you do in the 'workshop' today

    Wow good point, let's hope with all the attention it doesn't come to that anytime soon.
  20. Damo944

    What did you do in the 'workshop' today

    Not watched them yet, what's the benefit of a solid floor with the Asian hornet?