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  1. enrico

    Transferring my Nuc to a full Hive

    Another tip is to go back in in four days. Whichever box has eggs has the queen in. If it is the brood box all is good, if it is the box above the brood then she will be much easier to find now. Saves shaking bees which can be quite difficult for a beginner.
  2. enrico

    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Just ordered one from them after my disastrous winter losses. Will be doing the same next week
  3. enrico

    God I love growing our own

    Ours is Somerset Clay. Snot Green that makes Blue flaky boulders (Blue Lias) that they build the houses with. Then they wonder why they crumble.😉
  4. enrico

    God I love growing our own

    we use that too. I have a whole dustbin full
  5. enrico

    God I love growing our own

    Oh that begs a response.......but I am far too polite 😃😉😄😉😃
  6. enrico

    Royal jelly in honey

    Not knowingly😁
  7. enrico

    Looking back

    I still reckon the lines between Autumn and winter are getting hazy. then suddenly winter comes and there are not enough winter bees. the normal bees dwindle as usual and the hive just disappears .
  8. enrico

    Cloud of very small bees: Why?

    I think you should have gone to Specsavers 😁😁😁😄
  9. enrico

    God I love growing our own

    We us the peat free but add our own compost for a bit of body and then some blood fish and bone powder. The only problem with adding our own compost this year has been the millions of tomato seedlings that have popped up in everything. Cant grow them when you want to but get a forest of them...
  10. enrico

    Delayed Inspection

    It is if he is running out of room but doesn't want to disturb the bees. If he needs more room why take away a box they can use for the moment?
  11. enrico

    Time to get the camera out againAnd spread some joy

    Wow, ours is all fully open and rich in scent
  12. enrico

    Delayed Inspection

    That was not quite what the op asked.
  13. enrico

    Delayed Inspection

    If they are below they will use them if they need them. Leave everything until you can do a proper inspection.
  14. enrico

    God I love growing our own

    Oh wow! Sorry mate. The best hens we ever have are the rescued ones. They ksy every day for a good couple of years. The ones we get from Black down Hills stop laying after a year and never lay again and are three times the price. We will always get rescued hens in the future.
  15. enrico

    God I love growing our own

    Pear free compost is only ever any good if you mix feed or other home compost to it or it just doesn't work! Noticed that last year when nothing grew past seed leaves. This year no problem by using a mix
  16. enrico

    My first potential swarm?

    It is not normal for a swarm to leave a hive and then go straight to a new home. There is a gap in-between when the congregate somewhere else. It is worth keeping an eye on that place as bees will use it more than once as a congregation point.
  17. enrico

    God I love growing our own

    We are selling at the gate already 😁
  18. enrico

    What's flowering as forage in your area

    Horse chestnut tree in full bloom here. House Martins here too!
  19. enrico

    Advice please if you can

    Don't knock yourself, lost two, possibly three over winter in the same way. Never had it happen before.
  20. enrico


    Don't feed now unless you want sugar in your honey.