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    Beekeeping forum split?

    Here on the Isle of Wight it’s been the wettest I have known it. Briefly cold before new year but other than that it’s been wind and rain. Yes it’s been warm but I think that’s added to my problems to be honest. Never had a year like it!!
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    What's flowering as forage in your area

    Not the best of days to take this photo . Rain again lol
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    First Inspection

    Really Depends on which part of the country you come from. But the main factor is Temperature. Normally for me it’s early April .
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    Queen Ancestry

    You could be right, it’s been 9 years since I read up on it all. I can see where I got myself confused with egg sperm and actual Queen though. Think I will call it a day whilst I’m not to beaten 😂
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    Queen Ancestry

    Long time since I read this but you get the idea 😅
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    Queen Ancestry

    Females, workers and queens have 32, 16 are contributed by the queen's eggs and 16 come from the drones sperm Quote
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    Queen Ancestry

    I have jumped on the end of this conversation but thought I would add the fact that people need to understand chromosomes. The Queen as a Virgin only has 16 chromosomes the other 16 come from a Drone who only has 16 .This results in the Mated Q then having the full 32 Chromosomes. This is how...
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    Hive survival over winter

    So far I have lost 10% which I’m happy with. The weather has been so warm down here though but extremely wet at times too. I would rather nice and cold !!
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    Spot the Bee

    Thought I would take a quick snap of workers out today.
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    Didn’t know they did a plastic swing gage ?
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    The swing gage extractors are worth a look also.
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    BDI insurance

    Thank you for all your replies to my question. I agree it looks like the BFA is the best option. Cheers
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    BDI insurance

    Doesn’t say how much. For over 50 . I would need to message them with my total amount I suspect.
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    BDI insurance

    I was wondering if there’s a cheaper option really.
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    BDI insurance

    PLI actually
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    BDI insurance

    Has anyone taken the over 50 colonies cover out ? I’m currently looking at my options Cheers
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    Store or lack of

    Hi all I decided with the warm weather today 11.5 C to check the fondant blocks which I place directly onto the top bars of the frames. It was rather a mixture of just how much some colonies had left to who had none. This was two sites of 30 colonies. Might be worth keeping an eye on stores...
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    Where do forum members (those who buy their queens) buy their queens from?

    Our conversations ended up talking about fishing . Great Queens