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  1. Buzby

    Converting DN4 into 14x12 Frames (especially with a Nuc)

    Thornes used to sell a convertor kit based on Hoffman convertor clips but it was a right faff much better off following JoB method
  2. Buzby

    Maisemore's online sale

    But then there's P&P to consider.
  3. Buzby

    Death of Analogue

    I was in Birmingham Central exchange from 3rd year apprenticeship. It was a mixed 2000, pre2000 24hour rota with about 25 staff. Went to TXE4 with about 12 staff and then system x which was visited occasionally.
  4. Buzby

    Hopeful Beginner!!

    Have a look at Dartington long deep hive. Half size supers and easier to work.
  5. Buzby

    Sad loss to Rugby today Barry John ..

    Was he a beekeeper though. Sport can't bl**dy escape it
  6. Buzby


    Nice skep there. They are just the best thing for catching swarms.
  7. Buzby


    IN Carmarthenshire HomeDesigner | Ecolistic Artworks nature art design | walesWales | mysite Tina Cunningham daughter of Skep-Maker David Chubb runs courses. She has done a couple for us Brecknock and Radnorshire BKA. She makes and sells skeps. Highly recommended.
  8. Buzby

    Asian hornet APP

    But not in selective traps such as the Jadeprobe
  9. Buzby

    Happy New year fellow beekeepers. What are your aspirations?

    Our beekeeping association is holding our first auction this year 04/05/2024 at Lower Lloyney above Clyro HR3 5SG details
  10. Buzby


    I have "smart" meters, one in the house and one in my workshop. Neither work. Alexa, yes, Smart TV yes, Smart phone yes, Smart watch yes, ultra smart wife pending (yes really).
  11. Buzby

    Top bar to Long Deep question

    I have two Dartington Long Deep hives and a Beehaus. Most excellent hives, I prefer the wooden ones (1 I built the other a second hand bargain)
  12. Buzby

    Top bar to Long Deep question

    Omlet Beehaus (essentially a Dartington Long Hive) guide book Not plans but interesting.
  13. Buzby

    keeping it small (using long hives]

    An Omlet guide (their beehaus is essentially a Dartington long hive but plastic
  14. Buzby

    Winter quietness

    I sometimes use a stethoscope if they're low down.
  15. Buzby

    Your advice, opinions and comments would be very much appreciated.

    A new swarm is the very best time to treat for varroa. If there is sealed brood you've left it too late. As for the Bee Gym I fully support JB with his succinct reply.
  16. Buzby

    Choosing an incubator

    The Rcom 70 is very good and the customer service is second to none at the Incubator shop.
  17. Buzby

    Virtual Hive Pictures

    Thanks very much. Putting together a teaching hive, for theory lessons, using six frame boxes.
  18. Buzby

    Virtual Hive Pictures

    Really old topic but does anyone have the pictures still available? Thornes used to sell the Virtual Hive but is no longer on their site.
  19. Buzby

    Jumbo Bee Smoker

    Depends what you fuel it with. I use wood pellets keeps going for hours. It's heavy duty so will last forever.