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    Help with oxalic acid

    Hi i was going to vape! as well i just don't want to trickle oxalic over them when its cold i know every one else seem to do it. i have been looking in to making a vaporizer
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    I have to move my three hives

    ok thank you
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    I have to move my three hives

    Well sorry I thought this was a site where if we need help then there would be some one that would have some good advice but then I guess like any place there are grumpy people that don’t want to help but thanks to all that have replied with Good advise
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    I have to move my three hives

    I have to move my three hives in an out apiary that I am using. It’s the last thing I want to do with the weather we are having I don’t want to put any more stress on than but have no choice
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    queens needed

    Is there any one out there with a queen for sale i know time is getting on
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    queen needed

    I am in need of a mated queen i have capped brood but no uncapped and no sign of a queen can any one help
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    Mated queen required

    hi have you any more queens for sale i have caped brood but no uncaped can no sign of a queen
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    Nucs for sale

    hi have you any left for sale