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  1. dpearce4

    Honey prices?

    If that's the case, you need to look at charging more than £5 per jar. I charge £5.90 and im cheap for the area.
  2. dpearce4

    Votes Please

    HI all I have been nominated as a finalist in the Sussex Food Awards this year and could do with as many votes as possible please. if you could go to and look for me, South Downs Honey, in the Sussex food producers section that would be great. thanks doug
  3. dpearce4

    Bulk wax price?

    £1.50 per oz down here. I sell all I can produce at that price.
  4. dpearce4

    How many hives could I put on an 450 acre farm.

    Under sow the grass with clover and have sheep or cattle on it.
  5. dpearce4

    Honey wanted SE England

    Hi Im looking to buy honey for cash from beekeepers in kent, sussex, hants, surrey and london. I am interested in any amounts small or large.
  6. dpearce4

    Bee farmers membership

    Would any one be prepared to sponsor my membership of the BFA. I would like to join but need two members to sponsor me. cheers doug
  7. dpearce4

    Exceptional Swarm season

    Have others been finding that this swarm season is crazy. Both in swarm calls and hives trying to swarm? I'm getting an average of 2 calls per day and most are big.
  8. dpearce4

    Organic or not?

    But I have seen many locally that do and when questioned they say they don't treat so they are organic.
  9. dpearce4

    Cut out with asbestos

    I wish i hadn't bothered to post this question as this thread is just full of people trying to get one over each other and not actually answering my question. Maybe its partly my fault as I posted very little information about the asbestos that I was dealing with, its roof sheeting on a bin...
  10. dpearce4

    Cut out with asbestos

    I will be doing a cutout next week from a roof that has asbestos in it. Should i dump my suit after or will washing remove any asbestos that might get on it?
  11. dpearce4

    My beekeeping days may be over

    Mine was back and chest that put me in hospital, but regularly whole arm swelling from stings to fingers.
  12. dpearce4

    Used XPS?

    Speak to DerekM he is the master of Celotex hives.
  13. dpearce4

    My beekeeping days may be over

    Good Decision
  14. dpearce4


    Inulin also is sold as a fat buster, it removes visceral fat from your body, eat 1tsp per day. its side affect is it makes u do the same as above as well.
  15. dpearce4


    The reason I think its a joke is who ever sent it to you hasn't got a clue about beekeeping in the UK. The info has just been cut and pasted from some document that has come from the USA.
  16. dpearce4

    Beegans? have a look at the ingredient list for this vegan honey product
  17. dpearce4


    :winner1st::winner1st::winner1st::icon_204-2::icon_204-2::icon_204-2: If your really interested in this go speak to the natural beekeeping association they are the people that are closest to this bet even they know Vegans wont buy honey as its an animal product. Also I know we have global...
  18. dpearce4

    Nail Gun

    picture please :not worthy::puke:
  19. dpearce4

    Nail Gun

    ouch. been close a few times myself this winter. mine is due to doing frames outside in the cold with no gloves.
  20. dpearce4

    Grafting, tips and tricks

    BIBBA are running courses this spring. Mine is south east (roger Patterson was commented as the person running it) would it be worth while going to, have to convince the misses that it is as she doesn't like me doing bee stuff at the weekends.