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  1. BeeJayBee

    Traditional, Comercial or Religious

    Traditional here too, and mostly our own traditions that work for us as a family. No massive presents either.
  2. BeeJayBee

    Should I get an Epipen

    :iagree: Go back to your GP or ask the immunology clinic before you go near your bees. If they really do need feeding then ask a beekeeping friend to be there with you whilst you do it.
  3. BeeJayBee

    Barkston Ash Beekeepers Association beginners course February

    What a brilliant website, I wish our association's one was half as good.
  4. BeeJayBee

    Mobile Honey Extraction

    It's really impressive.
  5. BeeJayBee


    That's because there aren't any degrees in Blackadder, at least not yet, although it looks as if it might be part of a GCSE English syllabus
  6. BeeJayBee

    Feeding/attracting wildlife near hive

    :iagree: - as far as wildlife is concerned.
  7. BeeJayBee

    Asian Hornet - Update

    It sounds like a good sort of pheromone trap, which would be acceptable by the green lobby too. So these nest are continuing into at least early winter? Is this usually what happens? How far north in Britain do you think you'd need to go before the climate loses any similarity with your part...
  8. BeeJayBee

    Flow hives?

    I didn't know that, and I dread to think how much it's likely to cost.
  9. BeeJayBee

    Flow hives?

    Check the size. I could be wrong but I think the frames are Langstroth, and your profile says you use nationals.
  10. BeeJayBee

    When should I stop feeding my bees?

    Aim to make sure a colony has enough food stored to last until the next inspection which in late Spring will be a week, but in autumn it could be three or four months. An overwintering full sized colony is likely to need about 40-45 lbs, which is about a National brood box. Any more and you're...
  11. BeeJayBee

    FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera for iOS

    I haven't used one of these but I have used an IR filter on a DSLR, which I think is a better and far cheaper option.
  12. BeeJayBee

    Beekeeping for DofE?

    Check out the new syllabus and assessment for the Junior Certificate, it's on the B8KA site.
  13. BeeJayBee

    Insulation in hives

    So I'd guess you're not a fan of matchsticks? Interesting figures, by the way, and welcome - please stay, your input could prove very useful. :)
  14. BeeJayBee

    Ivy Honey

    :iagree: Flowering plants and bees have spent a fair amount of time working together to get it right.
  15. BeeJayBee

    Mouse droppings on varroa board-What to do? Abelo Hive

    If anybody isn't sure there's a good guide to small mammals with drawings of some of the droppings here Slug droppings tend to have squared off ends. Amazing the things beekeepers end up having to...
  16. BeeJayBee


    There's no real need to fill to the bottom of the thread except for showing, as long as it's the correct weight.
  17. BeeJayBee

    Anyone else doing the uni round?

    We're still doing those, doesn't seem as if they ever end. Even so I'd say they have to choose the place they will be happiest in, with as little parental influence as possible, after all they will be living there for at least three years. Sometimes it's just "a feeling" that a particular...
  18. BeeJayBee

    Spawn in November

    Snail or maybe slug, we often find them in flowerpots.
  19. BeeJayBee

    Asian Hornet - Update

    Thanks :)
  20. BeeJayBee

    Bee Poo neighbours not happy

    Bees wax on a car? Surely it'll help make the car nice and shiny? Free of charge too!