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  1. blackcloud

    BBKA membership

    "They" don't And every silver lining has one
  2. blackcloud

    BBKA membership

    You can get insurance independently from the BbKa Cover for everything is a national paranoia set about by the insurance industry I've been offered house key insurance. I won't need it until I lose my keys. But then I won't need it anyway because I made sure I have spares (which cost less than...
  3. blackcloud

    BBKA membership

    Your bees might sting someone. And they will absolutely positively be Your bees of course...
  4. blackcloud

    BBKA membership

    Not sure the insurance is actually,really worth it unless you have lots of really expensive hardware and software. You may have to fight for a payout. Swarm list is only useful if you want lots of grotty colonies and the hassle of dealing with mostly unappreciative uninterested clientele-you...
  5. blackcloud

    Entrance too small???

    All my entrances are 20-25 mm all year round. Many feral nests are smaller still. Easier to defend and have no impact on busy foraging days.
  6. blackcloud

    Cleaning plastic excluders

    Gravel tray if you have patience. I've given up on plastic and only use them if I am forced to seive out a shy queen. You can safely use brillo pads and boiling water on metal ones I'm phasing out the galvanised ones slowly and replacing them with thrones stainless steel.
  7. blackcloud

    What did you do in the 'workshop' today

    I put some of those on the tractor-not the best quality but very useful for occasional use.
  8. blackcloud

    Wasp trap bait

    They need protein so fishy water is a good starter as they can smell it far away. Also carbohydrates are required so they get some of the syrup they were going to steal from the bees anyway.
  9. blackcloud

    Sudden appearance of Vespa crabro

    If there's any truth in the idea,how is the waxmoth situation with an increase of EH?
  10. blackcloud

    All Queens Dead At Once

    Take full advantage of the situation and get some vaping done.
  11. blackcloud

    Zero Harvest Returns

    Ditto -doubled last year's yield. Still have 50% left to sell (somehow?) Took off a spring crop due to a new patch of OSR appearing in the valley, then the usual summer crop in early August. They continued to pile it in for the rest of the month but the subsequent crap weather has meant feeding...
  12. blackcloud

    Sudden appearance of Vespa crabro

    Not in that quantity but we have had many more this year than previously.
  13. blackcloud

    Feral bees and bait hives

    Nature Depletion UK You don't want to consider anyone else's input so I'll leave you in your lather ;)
  14. blackcloud

    Stand height

    I don't think you'll ever get a universal ideal. You need it at least 18" to save your back. But once you are on double brood with three supers you quickly begin to regret it. How about a low stand with a spare BB on top that you can remove peak peak season?
  15. blackcloud

    Feral bees and bait hives

    No mention of treatment or varroa whatsoever from me ,you missed that bit. My problem with your master plan is that you magnify the aggression and brood disorder that our local feral bees are lumped with. Too many bees.Too many poor quality bees. It's an established fact that the UK is one of...
  16. blackcloud

    Feral bees and bait hives

    Might not be such a bad thing.
  17. blackcloud

    Feral bees and bait hives

    The feral population in our locale is pitiful, and sadly, plentiful. Masses of poor quality colonies that do no one any favours and monopolizing the forage to the detriment of other pollinators. Beekeepers are partly to blame. Perpetuation of the DNA is only snowballing it further. It needs a...
  18. blackcloud

    October swarm

    Neighbours get the wrong idea-made that mistake:(
  19. blackcloud

    Weak hive not feeding and worried

    Or sunlight from behind-you can see the cell walls of the opposite side in some of the cells.
  20. blackcloud

    Upside-down Abelo poly Ashforth feeders for fondant

    Not if filled with fondant....