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  1. Jules59

    HOW TO: Make soft set honey from OSR

    FWIW Ive never really needed a "seed" honey to get my OSR honey to form a lovely smooth paste. Im surrounded by OSR fields and this year its flowering earlier than ever. Over the few years Ive been beekeeping Ive found this works for me. After extracting and coarse filtering , I let it set in...
  2. Jules59

    AI to recognise AH at bait traps?

    afaik, AHs do not fly at night unlike our european friends.
  3. Jules59

    Sulphur Discs from Thornes ? needed?

    This winter I froze all my boxes to be stored for 24-48hrs. (I recovered a small discarded chest freezer from a ditch - it can take 3 supers at a time). Stacked the boxes and ran packaging tape around the joints (to "seal" any gap) and then put a dish of 80% acetic acid inside an empty super...
  4. Jules59

    Oxalic acid vap

    Apiguard in August and 3 doses of OA vape starting 22/11/2024 , 5 days apart.
  5. Jules59

    Oxalic acid vap

    Ive just done a 7 day varroa drop count for my 4 hives. Wasn't expecting to see many mites but I counted none ! Either my eyesight has gone totally to pot or oxalic acid vaping works better than any previous treatment Ive tried.
  6. Jules59

    WHAT THREE WORDS ? Add your three please ...

    eclectic illuminating gladiatorial
  7. Jules59

    Warming cabinet heater

    I use a heater from Screwfix tube heater which easily gets my chest freezer cabinet to 50C and a XH-W3001 temp controller (the version with 240v switching )...
  8. Jules59

    When to do my winter vape?

    Heath Robinson at work here - down draught sublimation via feed hole. plywood box for pan heater with draught excluder seal, Perspex viewing top, rain water downpipe, old PC fan, scuba dive weight for stability. (The bangs are coming from the MOD firing range nearby)
  9. Jules59

    This year's honey price

    My honey is much rarer than that stuff in Harrods. Maybe I should tart my labels up a bit.
  10. Jules59

    Oxalic acid

    APC (y)
  11. Jules59

    Honey on 'country'file

    I felt the piece failed to mention the scale of global honey adulteration and how is has become industrialised with "designer" syrups available to beat standard testing methods.
  12. Jules59

    Extractor questions.

    The central shaft passes through a bearing at the top and is then welded to a gear. You would have to cut a bit out off the shaft and add that to the bottom of the shaft and re-join the shaft. But I would need to find someone who can weld SS , take it to them and pay them probably. My fix, is...
  13. Jules59

    "Hefting" tool

    I am overwintering WBCs with double broods . They are heavy and made of different materials so their base weights are different , which makes them difficult to heft and also work out whats going on. So I use a lever and digital gauge to plot variance over time.
  14. Jules59

    Extractor questions.

    Well, I could have hacksawed the cages away from the central rod and then got someone to re-weld them for me or make some adjustable attachment. Or simply make some spacers from wood - worked for me. We're talking a 4 frame tangential extractor that cost £160 new.
  15. Jules59

    Extractor questions.

    Nothing to assemble by me - its came as is. But it could have been manufactured incorrectly.
  16. Jules59

    Extractor questions.

    Not possible - no adjustment - its all welded SS rod
  17. Jules59

    Extractor questions.

    That would'nt help me as the lugs dragged in the honey before the honey reached up to the gate (open or closed)
  18. Jules59

    Extractor questions.

    This maybe be useful to the first time purchaser: I bought a 4 frame tangential from STBK, quite early on in my beekeeping. One thing I didn't realise at the time was that these cheap extractors seem to be designed for frames with short lugs. This causes the Hoffman frames etc to drag in the...
  19. Jules59


    Hmm I'm going to give the D4 a go. Titebond 2 is only water resistant (3 is waterproof) whereas D4 says its waterproof.
  20. Jules59


    Ive built all my hives using Titebond III FWIW Its FDA approved for non-direct food contact