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    Using Sheep’s Wool As Insulation

    That is interesting. I am on solid UFE’s but I might experiment with half the hives to see if there are any noticeable differences. Does anyone currently use a snuggle board?
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    Using Sheep’s Wool As Insulation

    That’s a great idea, I’ll surely do that!
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    Using Sheep’s Wool As Insulation

    I obviously have far too much wool. Now that the roofs are done, any benefit to insulating the void below a UFE?
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    Scouts or Robbers

    Inside configuration is 6 frames with one being an old brood frame from last year which I assume there might be some remnants of honey in (but nothing capped or the like), the other 5 are just empty frames. There is an established wild colony in the area which over the last couple of years...
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    Scouts or Robbers

    Scouts or robbers? How do you tell the difference?
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    Using Sheep’s Wool As Insulation

    Great, I’ll give it a go as I don’t have a clue what else to do with it! Thanks
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    Using Sheep’s Wool As Insulation

    I’ve come into possession of a rather large bale of sheep’s wool. Is this any good for insulation in hive roofs instead of PIR boards? I’m also thinking of making a few insulated ekes for fondant feeding over winter and could use some of it for this project.
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    What chance of survival?

    I did see a bee whisperer video recently where he took a weak colony on a couple of frames and put it on top of a strong colony with a queen excluder and a sheet of newspaper between them. He seemed to say the bees from the strong colony below would get through the newspaper and join with the...
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    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Nuc’d a small hive that I had assumed was queenless and dwindling but to my surprise, while only a small amount of capped brood, larvae and eggs on 2 frames when I investigated. Given the size I put it in a poly nuc in the hope it’ll be able to regulate the temperature better.
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    Chicken Registration by 1st Oct 2024

    In Ireland it’s already a requirement to register your flock and have a flock number issued. Something to do with Birdflu and disease management I think. Bees are still voluntary from what I gather but when I registered, I never heard anything back so not sure how much resourcing goes into it.
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    A Feeding Question

    And possibly a silly one at that. Thinking of feeding for comb building. I see a lot of advice to ‘trickle feed’ rather than glug a couple of kilos of syrup on and let them take it down. What do we mean by trickle feed? A litre at a time or 1.5 litres, let them finish it, leave it a few days...
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    Spring treatment?

    Does anyone use a Varroa Easy check to check for Varroa numbers? I assume provided you don’t overdo it with the CO2 they are unharmed and back at it shortly after.
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    Cluster Positioning

    Thanks, I had noted they are being incredibly frugal this year. Lots of unused stores across all hives.
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    Cluster Positioning

    I moved over to solid UFE floors last season on my hives. I previously was on standard OMFs. The winter cluster last year in the hives was very much centrally located which makes sense as that’s where the brood nest was. This year, since I made the switch I notice the cluster and brood nest very...
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    What did I do so wrong?

    How much did you feed in the autumn? One possibility is you could have over fed and clogged up the brood nest with stores which prevented enough winter bees being produced and as a result the colony just dwindled out
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    Happy New year fellow beekeepers. What are your aspirations?

    Going to try get my other 3 single broods onto double (plan to try 2 Demeree and just adding a second brood box to the other early in the new season). I have 8 queens ordered for the 25th of May so going to try get a number of 2 frame splits done up to cater for these and get my hive count up to 12.
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    What advice for local farmer re hedgerow planting

    I have spindle and bird cherry in mine along with some of those in your list. They are easy to manage and the flowers/fruit appear to attract all sorts.
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    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Trickled all 4 hives today with VarroMed. All the hives seemed in good condition and hardly reacted in the 30 seconds the hives were open. Had been thinking about trickling for the last little while but after reading the Apiarist blog yesterday I decided today was the day. That’s the belt and...
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    I made an app to help you determine when best to inspect your hives, InspectNext

    Chicken Guard. Now that is a handy one! Especially if I have to go away for a couple of days!😂