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  1. BrianO

    Permanent Observation Hives

    Yes but sited internally and behind a closed door would help that . It seems that quite often they are started but i assume problems encountered and not continued. the problems I see are Swarm Management Wild comb being built on glass/perspex Disturbance of bees from light whilst being...
  2. BrianO

    Permanent Observation Hives

    Thanks All Appreciate the info, some interesting links This one fascinated me, as opposed to all the other ob.Hives that allow a bee space between glass and comb here they have the hive setup more like a zoo type exhibition, for want of a better term. As in bees are allowed build wild comb...
  3. BrianO

    Permanent Observation Hives

    Hi All Revisiting this topic, any other info on impressive permanent Observation Hives you know of in the UK or anywhere else in Europe ?? Thanks !
  4. BrianO

    Good You Tube Channels to subscribe to

    Thanks Guys Will check them out This guy is good too , lots of interesting Bee Removals
  5. BrianO

    Good You Tube Channels to subscribe to

    Hi Folks Getting excited at the thought of another season about to start. So much still to do , hopefully coming out of Winter with 38 plus colonies .... Bring it on !!! Now to the point, any recommendations re good You Tube Beek channels to subscribe to ? Thanks Brian
  6. BrianO

    Tradex ''on or off''

    Couldn't agree more , horrendous stuff
  7. BrianO

    Well well what next for the BEEB

    I'd give it 20 seconds before it hits the deck on a normal Irish "Breezy" day . Lots more to say but why waste time. Suffice to say wouldn't recommend it ... ahh the art of Diplomacy ! ��
  8. BrianO

    Conserving honeybees does not help wildlife.

    Article is undoubtedly interesting and rings true in parts but is to facile and limited in scope. As Dans earlier post and to add with greater pollination as a result of greater numbers of Bees comes better fruit set and more abundant food and forage for other wildlife forms. It does though...
  9. BrianO

    Langstroth advice

    An old Chestnut but wondering if any up to date reviews of the 3 Langstroth options. Honeypaws, Swienty and Paradise ? Thanks
  10. BrianO

    Fumigation of oxalic acid does not work properly

    Was a recent report saying "Fogging" was not effective , not "Vaping" which has the same hit rate effectively as dribbling solution. So to be clear Vaping does work , as someone who employs this method I can also testify to this.
  11. BrianO

    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Looking at the weather mild temps about to come to a crashing end, for the moment, to be below normal temperatures for next few days as a polar air mass follows ( here ) yesterdays flooding ! Time to get to that last out apiary to put the remaining Mouse Guards on !
  12. BrianO

    Warming Cabinet Spec

    Thanks Oliver, very helpful !
  13. BrianO

    Warming Cabinet Spec

    Great replies guys Appreciate it Thanks !
  14. BrianO

    Warming Cabinet Spec

    Hi All Need to replace my previously wired fridge gentle warming cabinet, basically need to replace the bulbs and fan, using same fridge for a more accurate version. Any plans and links to good accurate thermostat and heaters welcome... Thanks. Brian.
  15. BrianO

    Trade Shows ? This is the one I was thinking of
  16. BrianO

    Trade Shows ?

    Yeah thinking of that too, only downside is it might be mostly American Trade Based in relation to companies exhibiting. As opposed to the European format that would probably be present in Turkey.
  17. BrianO

    Off to the Heather

    First time actually getting to the Heather... am a convert ... loved the experience. Brought 7 Hives . Only got to it mid August and last 3 Hives a week later (due to family illness) . Well pleased though 8 Supers of which 7 at least full . Great experience. Would love to try and get...
  18. BrianO

    Trade Shows ?

    An old Chestnut... but there is a show in Italy in October . Cannot seem to find details anyone know of, or any others home or. Abroad coming up worth considering ?
  19. BrianO

    Basic ling honey press

    Good post guys, just taken my Bees off the Heather and also after a Holiday in Cornwall and Dorset have become a "Real" Cider convert, had a crackin one cloudy naturally carbonated think it was called Addlestones. About to plant and Orchard.... the future I can see con taining Homemade Real...
  20. BrianO

    Transparent extractors

    Thanks, only want for Demonstration days, for the public.