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  1. BKF Admin

    Please note

    There is an option in the forum software that's allows me to moderate every post a member makes before it goes live. I will activate it if I have to for certain members who are not nice in replying to beginers. It looks silly when your reply does not show up for 48 hours. Admin.
  2. BKF Admin

    Forum down time

    All my fault this lunchtime. i was updating the server so we were in and out for a while. All done now. Admin.
  3. BKF Admin

    Forum down time

    I am really sorry about the downtime. things seem to be fixed for now. I am talking with the Datacenter,i think its a bad cluster on the server. Admin.
  4. BKF Admin

    rip thread

    i dont know how many members use facebook for beekeeping but if you do I have just read sad news that Gerrard Rangeley has passed away. I know he ran a few facebook groups with many members. RIP Gerrard.
  5. gerrard


  6. BKF Admin

    Downtime Saturday 18th April

    Sorry for the downtime today,everything should now be fixed. We do a backup every night around 3am just incase a repair cannot be done,that way we will only lose a couple of posts if any. On this occasion it was better to fix the database rather than call on a backup. time consuming but no loss...
  7. BKF Admin

    Interviews with Beekeepers

    I shall be buying the printed version. Well done Walrus..
  8. BKF Admin


    So am i. Banned.
  9. BKF Admin

    Food available here.

    Sorry Dani He sent me a pm asking,so I replied in thread. That's my area as in I am in the delivery area. My wife signed up last night,also her whole family are on the island.
  10. BKF Admin

    Food available here.

    That's my area ! In these difficult times I am more than happy to have links to any small business beekeeping or otherwise. We are all in it together. Mark xx
  11. BKF Admin

    Please read before posting for sale ad.

    Please note that all seller's in the "2020 Nuc's for sale" section must first pay a "Sellers fee"before the ad is sent live. The minimum payment to send your ad live is £15.00 This is due to the number of sellers over the last few years who have posted for sale ads and only return to...
  12. BKF Admin

    herkese merhana

    You need to translate to English first. Önce İngilizceye çevirmek gerekir.
  13. BKF Admin

    New Website - Honey Jar Labels, High Quality Custom & Unique with your Personalisation

    Links removed. We have had members offering a label service before so I am happy to allow the post. I can't allow links as it's not fair on other label makers who are forum members,the main beekeeping companies included. In the past I have seen that a subtle approach can be most helpful in...
  14. BKF Admin

    What do you want from the forum ?

    I do have some software that can scan the forum for members who have more than one account or have been banned before,it even sniffs out proxy ip addresses and members posts that are similar in regards who and what is replied to in finding links between members. I have not run it for a while...
  15. BKF Admin

    Not changed much here has it?

  16. BKF Admin

    Not changed much here has it?

    You win post of the month for that,made me laugh :winner1st:
  17. BKF Admin

    How to make rape set honey

    set honey link Video here
  18. BKF Admin

    Hampshire 5 frame National nucs for sale 2019 with local bred queens

    I have a very good friend who I have mentored the last 5 years. He has really come on in leaps and bounds and has now got to the stage of having nucs for sale with 2019 bred local queens,mainly f1 buckfast(Daughters of breeder queens open mated and grafted by him). They are on 5 frames and all...
  19. BKF Admin

    Nucs and colonies for sale

    I have one overwintered 5 frame nuc left on national frames due to a change in circumstances from a member. It will be available over the easter weekend,If you would like it send me a pm or give me a ring,when its gone its gone. Tel:079 40048079. Mark Admin.
  20. BKF Admin

    Quick thoughts

    My favorite is Facebook posts: "I am going to put this £100 new item on facebook but thought I would offer it here first for £300"...