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    Honey For Sale Honey for sale

    Northamptonshire Spring with OSR /Summer Wild Flower Honey 2023 harvest £3.50 per pound available in 30lbs 40 buckets 60lbs -10 buckets i can deliver up to 100 miles or so
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    Wasp trap bait

    cheapest beer from aldi or lidl in alloy can(not glass bottle),+ spoon of sugar,100% successfully,after some wasp drawing start release additional protein smell,and you have attractor for hornets
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    Instant vap, used for first time

    hi Enrico ,I've got several beehives with OMF from maisemore for many years and decided to drill holes in the back of the omf floor just over metal netting only for vape putpose and because I use bigger diameter of copper pipe(no problem with build up oxalic crystal and blockage)i need only to...
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    Old Thornes Honey Spinner question

    you measurements its incorrect just for future add link how to do properly
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    Old Thornes Honey Spinner question

    this is standart metric M8 bolt you can get it everywhere just check length from bottom headbolt (not top) ,the best is stainless steel
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    thank you all
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    Jars and Buckets

    the best solusion to remove sticker or sticker leftover is wd40 + good fabric
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    Hi ,just silli question does anyone know what's going on with website does its still active or someone got scams or phishing? any knowledge after close Simon business
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    Wingless queen

    ok if she is lying eggs and brood are present,then leave in peace and dont listening stupid calls "gate post"what the problem they have,i start only worrying if no eggs are
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    Wingless queen

    is she laying eggs??
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    Defensive Colony

    dont know from where you have this info but BS Honey bees have queen in stock and queens from are very gentle,calm I have every year some to repleace my queens
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    Defensive Colony

    but to be correct you need to be sure your hive its defensive. very offten especially this winter-spring,its really cold weather today i inspect my 9 hives usely very calm ,but today after open every single bee try to rip apart my veil,smoke doesnt work very helpfull
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    Defensive Colony

    there you have
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    Leaving the bees a super of honey for the winter

    unfortunately bees not reading any human study and nearly every single hive (because of position ,location,situation etc) and bees family behaviour completely different, and to explain this human building wierd stories and is surprised why bees not agree 😉
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    Maisemores end of season sale

    yes 14£ but after add to basket its 28£ "magic"
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    What's flowering as forage in your area

    ivy flowering by Northampton packt with bees
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    storing honey buckets

    what weight buckets you have to store 5 levels??? my is 60 and 30Lb🤔
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    Maqs - bad news

    was talking about on forum. every single year but people not looking properly just expetcing ready prescribtion
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    Best ventilated bee suit?

    hood its weird but same air breeze fabric,if you use baseball hat then you understand why is shape,but anyway if you have face down front veil its far away from face and your head its protected from stings. what i not understand,all producer bee suits useing very strong thick veil mesh...
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    Best ventilated bee suit?

    i would recommend this one oz armour its like winter coat hot and not very brezzy swienty brezze ,has same fabric like saftabee...