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  1. Somerford

    Maisemore's online sale

    They seem to be going to fewer and fewer events which is a shame S
  2. Somerford

    What's flowering as forage in your area

    Dandelions, Victoria Plum, Crab Apple, OSR, Blackthorn, Field Plums - all in flower in N Wiltshire KR S
  3. Somerford

    Is it me...?

    Good afternoon, Dear Reader. I trust you are well and that you are ready and prepared for the beekeeping season ahead of us. As I write, a third AH queen has been found - this time in Lancashire of all places. Who knows if it overwintered, or was an 'immigrant' having hitched a lift in with a...
  4. Somerford

    Passionate Beekeeper looking for work

    no. its not a government recognised apprenticeship so overseas are ok as long as they have a right to work and reside in the UK
  5. Somerford

    Rugby WC QFs

    Such a pity England couldn’t just win that. A+ for effort and discipline. They should have kept Marler on
  6. Somerford

    Honey For Sale Honey for Sale

    Bulk by the ton in buckets or barrels or IBCs
  7. Somerford

    Rugby WC QFs

    Well, who;d have thought it ?! Ireland out - gutsy performance but not enough in the tank - Sexton looked an old man in the final 15 mins he should have been subbed France out - wow what a game but the depth of strength on the SA bench is awe inspiring. England through - against a tough Fijian...
  8. Somerford

    Honey For Sale Honey for Sale

    at the BFA AGM bulk honey was discussed - suggested there is too much out there and a price closer to £2/lb may be the way forward - that the honey bulk price had peaked a long while back. Not helped by the two largest packers not buying UK honey at all / or in any volume mainly due to world...
  9. Somerford

    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    ah that specialist gentleman's reading material
  10. Somerford

    Asian hornet traps and baits - please review what you've used

    I'm more than happy to push the custard on these little blighters but it is not allowed..... my trap allows bycatch to escape and won't allow v crabro in either
  11. Somerford

    Asian hornet traps and baits - please review what you've used

    pretty obvious Karol if you think about it - just the same reason as varroa still infects my bees - other beekeepers don't treat. If local beekeepers (and there are many) don't trap as well then founder queens find their way into the depleted pockets, much like wasps do too. However this will...
  12. Somerford

    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    it was late in my defence. I did try all sorts of spellings but bearing didn't look right. I didn't do English Language A level in my defence
  13. Somerford

    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Gosh Haven't posted in this bit for yonks The day began with a visit to 15 hives I run on a contract basis in Hampshire to top up feeders for a 2nd time. All good. Then on to a landowner in Ascot who agreed the site for the Heather in the New Forest earlier in the year. I arrived baring gifts...
  14. Somerford

    Asian hornet traps and baits - please review what you've used

    I am about to be a joint sole supplier of a specific selective trap for the asian hornet to be sold in the UK. It will not be sold to make much on the cost price as I believe it needs to be used far and wide. It'll retail around £28-£30. It is fully selective and can be used to capture the AH...
  15. Somerford

    BFA AGM Berwick on Tweed

    My grandparents lived for years in Chapeltown ( Sheffield) my aunt and uncle still live there on Warren Lane
  16. Somerford

    Worth a complete beehive of anyone's money

    chronic tooth ache is almost as bad as childbirth which is not as bad as kidney stones.
  17. Somerford

    Honey For Sale Honey for Sale

    It's all about supply and demand Due to the large honey packers largely not buying British honey, alot of larger enterprises are sitting on honey from 1,2 or even 3 years ago. This means there are deals to be had because even though 'honey doesn't go off' it can and does degrade over time, HMF...
  18. Somerford

    A brief summary of 2023 thus far

    Well, dear reader, it's been another interesting season thus far... A cold winter led to much additional fondant feeding in the early spring, leading to a strong spring flow on the oilseed, there followed 9 weeks of poor weather in June and July that really held back the development of the many...
  19. Somerford

    Maisemores end of season sale

    Be good to compare the prices vs the latest sale that's just started - I suspect a small increase across the board !
  20. Somerford

    BFA AGM Berwick on Tweed

    Anyone (BFA members obviously) heading north to Berwick on Tweed tomorrow for the AGM and visit to Chain Bridge Honey Farm on Wednesday ? Say hello if you are - I’ll be at the meal tomorrow night