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    Labour to end exemptions from ban on neocotinids
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    Queenless in March

    One of my colonies seemed a bit quiet today so I thought I'd take advantage of the 16 degree weather and take ģa closer look. Turns out although there are still a good number of bees, there is no brood other than a few capped drone cells. Is there no point t in putting a frame with eggs and...
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    Asian hornet APP

    The app is called "asian hornet watch " and is available from Google Play.
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    Keeping Varroa Tray in overwinter?

    I'm not sure if I should keep varroa trays in overwinter. Taking them out would make it too cold or leaving them in too much condensation? No ventilation at top as I'm using some 50mm Kingspan insulation on top. Suggestions please.
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    No stores mid July

    I have a new colony from a split in May. They are apparently doing well and filling 9 frames of brood. Put a super with foundation on 2 weeks ago but there's still no sign of them drawing it out and no stores in brood box either. Anything I can do to stimulate them to draw out supers or make...
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    Extracting oil seed rape honey

    Just extracted a couple of frames of osr honey. A couple of issues.. hand driven, 2 frame extractor extracted almost the complete frame twice, leaving a latge wired hole in the middle. Honey seems a bit thin and on some frames alot of honey failed to extract. Any advice?
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    Can you recommend a good beekeeping YouTube channel?

    Stuart at Norfolk Beekeepers is excellent. Loads of videos on all aspects of beekeeping, professionally produced and accessible for beginners.
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    Introducing new colony onto deep national

    Yes a National Jumbo!
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    Introducing new colony onto deep national

    Yes a National Jumbo!
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    Introducing new colony onto deep national

    I want to put a new nuc of bees into a deep national. Obviously if I simply go ahead they'll make a load of wasted brace comb . Any ideas how to go about this?
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    Contracts with landowners

    Thanks for the different perspectives!! I'm going to talk on site to landowner tomorrow. I've found a draft contract on BBKA website (in WORD) which I've cut down and will keep in my back pocket in case he wants one. As regards rent I may offer £50 or 10 jars of honey!
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    Contracts with landowners

    I've been offered the use of a new patch to set up small 3-4 hive apiary. Can anyone point me to a brief and simple contract that we can use?
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    Simon the Beekeeper Nationals

    I got a floor from simon. The perspex is the varroa floor a d slides 9n and out but with no handle. I think its fine.
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    Chronic bee paralysis virus

    I have a colony which has been diagnosed with a moderately advanced case of CBPV by the local bee inspector. He suggested removing the floor of the hive and monitoring the effects for 2 to 3 weeks ( and the floor of the hive stand) so there is now a 18 inch drop below the frames. This I have...