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    God I love growing our own

    if you like bees and Fibonacci, try this link
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    What did you do in the 'workshop' today

    Every now and again I get tempted to buy a table saw, and then I'm helped back to the real world by these pictures. So I hope today's mishap recovers quickly and thank you.
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    Before committing to a format, i'd advise checking prices and availability comparing National with Langstroth. Not just the boxes but also the frames - I think langstroth are more expensive. Either way, if you get your bees other than from a swarm you'll need to specify what format frames you...
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    Finished the Ph.D...

    Congrats !!!!
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    PhD opportunity

    My stats professor's version was "liars, dammed liars and non-statisticians"
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    Asian Hornet Presentation at National Honey Show

    There were strong easterly winds early in the year which some think is the reason for so many on the south-east coast. Away from there, the sources of the hornets are human transport - one AH was seen on a ferry hitching a ride, but one can easily imagine Queen AH tagging along on holiday...
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    Asian Hornet Presentation at National Honey Show

    Nigel (and the RBI who talked at the Hampshire day) made it plain that they are not policy makers so they were not in a position to talk about APHA/NBU plans/advice for next year, but were saying what they had been doing all summer - and it looked pretty tough work (especially capel-le-ferne)...
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    Asian Hornet Presentation at National Honey Show

    In case people havent seen it, Nigel Semmence's presentation from the National Honey Show 2023 on what the situation was at the end of October is up on youtube -
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    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Two other reflections... We did the same event last year and only had about 5 people wanting to pay cash, the big majority still in credit card mode. This year it was probably 50% people paying with cash from their wallet/purse (and taking cash change) so quite a big change in peoples attitude...
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    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    We did a church fair recently as an association rather than as an individual producer - this means that we had four different label styles which helps generate a discussion about local honey. e.g. the "this honey is produced 50 yards away in that direction" always helps, also "this honey is...
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    Many going to the National Honey Show?

    Just here today, Michael palmer excellent, and Asian hornet next!
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    Making thin foundation for cut comb

    I (or rather my bees) do cut comb, I just put in an empty frame between drawn frames and the bees do the rest. I'm not sure I'd want to sell cut comb if I'd used bought foundation. I know thornes do some special foundation at crazy prices, but I feel better telling customers that the whole cut...
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    Epsom Beekeeper

    hi there, I'm John, and my wife and I keep bees the Epsom area. I'm a semi-retired teacher and student and the subjects that I teach and study are beekeeping, computing and maths. I'm currently in the middle of a PhD (combining beekeeping and computing), which is quite a challenge, luckily i...