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  1. polymath

    Abandoned Hives

    SBI will not be working you will need main Regional Bee Inspector this time of year.
  2. polymath

    Defective Gas Vap Burner

    One issue not flagged that often is it does need cleaning out, i.e. put a cap of water through it after every dozen hives or so, plus i find i have to in high winds keep the flame slightly higher or it looses too much heat. The ignition push button switch has melted a little, left it heating up...
  3. polymath

    Hive seal

    Just done all mine a couple of times, circa 25 hives using GazVAp, but fitted extension tube for Nucs on at all times so it pushes the gasses deep into the hive, no need to seal up nice and quick
  4. polymath

    Equipment For Sale Uncapper for National frames

    I may be biased i i tested and then bought one of Martin's. My view is that it is great to see people producing units at differing qualities and price points. Just like with Bee Suits they range from ten to hundreds of pounds, variety is the spice of life. Well done for producing and look...
  5. polymath

    Best Queen Rearing Method

    First question is how many queens do you want to raise. Big difference between two or three to ten or twenty to 50. If we assume between 5- 10, don't forget if you want mated the assume you will need double that in queens at the start. My system is a lazy one, i split vertically any colony...
  6. polymath

    Jig Plans

    use the same sort of thing
  7. polymath

    Thorne jar filling set up

    This seems to be the same machine direct from China supplier, now HMRC might stick you for VAT at 20% on arrival though...
  8. polymath

    Many going to the National Honey Show?

    Judges Steward, try and learn more tricks for future years on how to win then lectures on next two days.
  9. polymath

    Jars query

    Here is some analysis done on the price of honey being sold around are area, Surrey, happy to get more input. Size Location/Website 227gm 340gm 454gm Bespoke WBK Research 2023 Average retail price: Retail mark up circa 20 – 50% £6.48 £8.00 £7.75 Horsell £7.50...
  10. polymath

    BBKA membership

    Insurance is never worth it until you need it. I understand there is going to be a clearer definition of who is covered put forward at this years ADM i.e. anyone with 39 hives or under. It covers public and product so if a bit of glass was found in your honey for instance or something like...
  11. polymath

    The use of drone foundation pros and cons

    Likewise i use 1 in 8 in the brood box, works well.
  12. polymath

    Cleaning Poly hives after Efb

    Really sorry to hear your news. In Surrey there is a trial of destruction of poly hives with BDI cover this year. The challenge with poly is each piece should be soaked for 20 minutes in a tank first in bleach to the correct mixture and then ideally in soda to clean. So for each piece 2 x...
  13. polymath

    Cutting fondant

    exactly what i do
  14. polymath

    Gasvap alternative

    Admit i have to use this year for first time, but made these caps to make handling easier.
  15. polymath

    Oxalic Acid

    not i believe since his original research he did.
  16. polymath

    Autumn Varroa treatment

    Not the right time for OA as to be really effective you need it to be broodless. if not then it offers a slight knockback but not a knockout.
  17. polymath

    Oxalic Acid

    UK VMD approval is once a year. Of course i could never recommend more, but would highlight that the research done by Ratnieks at LASI was two treatments 5 - 10 day apart for maximum effect and that in the US where there is no broodless period that i have heard of four treatments being done...
  18. polymath

    bees refusing to leave the super for clearing

    Overnight ports, eight way clearers in 4 hrs though
  19. polymath

    Oxalic acid fogger/atomiser

    have used two wands with a leisure battery for years, just bought a Gasvap so that will be my next upgrade but for 15 hives.
  20. polymath

    The National Uncapper

    Thanks will wait to see pictures but from the look of the one shot their adjustment is like the chinese on the inside where the honey is, not a good idea