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    Comb building question

    It has been shown that a light 1:1, or even lighter syrup, is optimal for comb building. However, I have been taught that when bees swarm they feast on honey before departing the hive and use this to quickly build comb upon arrival in their new hive. Honey is a lot thicker than a light syrup or...
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    Swarm into existing occupied hive

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    Swarm into existing occupied hive

    On Thursday I witnessed a large swarm entering an existing occupied hive. The colony in the hive was a split with the overwintered queen that I made about a month ago and was building up nicely. Has anyone else experienced such a thing and what happens the queens in such a situation?
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    top or bottom?

    Thank you all for your help. Top it is.😊
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    top or bottom?

    Thanks a lot. It won’t be possible to find the queen though as crossed comb and total mess of comb inside which is one of the reasons for this change over. Still top?
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    top or bottom?

    I have been reading on the forum about other methods other than shook swarm on how to move bees from one sized hive/ frames to another. Is it better to put the new box with drawn comb on the top or bottom? Which direction will the queen tend to gravitate to? The existing hive does have capped...
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    Complete recovery of laying working colony

    Interesting, thanks for the explanation. Here is another method I heard about today, in photo form: