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  1. Monsieur Abeille

    Oil seed rape

    Coming out at great speed in our corner of Lincs as well. Local wisdom is thinking it will be a short season though, and as colonies not all up to speed yet it could be a relatively poor year.
  2. Monsieur Abeille

    French honey price

    Seen last week in a New Zealand shop catering to the Japanese market, 2NZ$ = £1, so 500g for £900ish. Also had propolis toothpaste which sounded a tad sticky!
  3. Monsieur Abeille

    Pollen Substitute - Ultra Bee

    Didn't know, thanks. Guess I'll try something else (unless the remaining 3% is something magical)
  4. Monsieur Abeille

    Pollen Substitute - Ultra Bee

    I've been giving my bees Neopol every spring for the past few years to give a hand building up numbers for the OSR harvest. They certainly like it, choosing it over fondant, but how much good it actually does I have no idea, not having enough hives to try any control groups.
  5. Monsieur Abeille

    Still big varroa drop

    Friend I passed my hives to has one that continues to have a pretty heavy drop after 5 treatments with a (roughly) 5 day gap. Just came on here in fact to see if there were any limits I/she should be aware of. Think I'll probably recommend one more vape then leave until the depths of winter...
  6. Monsieur Abeille

    How do you take out hive entrance blocks?

    Likewise - good plan
  7. Monsieur Abeille

    How do you take out hive entrance blocks?

    Give your entrance reducers a dual function by banging in pins at distances wide enough for a bee or two, but too narrow for mice. Halves the amount of times you have to disturb the bees.
  8. Monsieur Abeille

    Thornes oxalic/thymol mixup

    For those not on Big T's emailling list - they mixed up some thymol and oxalic crystals :
  9. Monsieur Abeille

    Painting poly nucs

    If painting a feeder, mix some sand in with the paint to aid grip for the bees
  10. Monsieur Abeille

    Mouse Guards-when to put on or not bother?

    Entrance reducers with nails banged in giving <10mm entrances. Put on before first proper frost
  11. Monsieur Abeille

    quantifying 1 gram of Oxalic acid crystals

    Are you sure there aren't any measuring spoons in the box?
  12. Monsieur Abeille

    Flash Sale

    Quite surprised no one has posted this (or maybe its elsewhere) but Big T have a 10% 24 hour "Flash Sale" on at present for non sale items. Use discount code DISCOUNT10
  13. Monsieur Abeille

    Moving hive one & half miles

    On the assumption that you can't/dont want to move them 3 miles away from both first, think I'd wait until they are clustered mid winter, then move and leave some twigs etc around the entrance.
  14. Monsieur Abeille

    Bees not taking syrup

    Can I ask what type of feeder it is
  15. Monsieur Abeille

    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Just sealed up hives before they get transported to their new home. It will be strange not having colonies about, but I'm going to continue to work on them for another 9 months.
  16. Monsieur Abeille

    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Checked on one colony that I'd left with a super of crystallised stores just under a week back - over 60% cleared.
  17. Monsieur Abeille


    Does it have to be 2p? Bit steep for some, so do you think a 1p would also work?
  18. Monsieur Abeille

    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Having given two emergency feeds last week I'm feeding a super of crystallised stores (above, a clear super in between and limited access through a partially closed feed hole in a crown board)
  19. Monsieur Abeille

    Seeking courses in Lincs

    Hi. A friend is looking for a beginners course in the Lincs/Notts area - a proper course rather than a one day introduction. Realise this is probably the wrong time of year but please PM me or post here if you know of any coming up this season or next.
  20. Monsieur Abeille

    At what stage do you start winter feed?

    Also on 14x12s, but they are now devoid of stores in 2 of my 3 hives. Nothing taken off supers since mid June. Queens still laying though I think they may be slowing.