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  1. redtrout

    "Unwanted" swarm

    I had a super aggressive colony which fortunately was next to a nuc from last year. I moved the aggressive colony 10ft away and shook out all of the bees onto the ground. With an empty bb and the aggressive bee frames in the original position I paper united the nuc to this. Seems to be a success...
  2. redtrout

    House insurance.

    I got the same response when I renewed my house insurance. They were satisfied that all my sales were from retail outlets, but they got me on public liability insurance. Their offer was ridiculous, but renewal of my bbka membership solved the problem.
  3. redtrout

    Cost of sugar or fondant 2022

    I use Costco who are at 55p/kg in 25kg bags. It has been this price for a while now. They do not do fondant unfortunately. It is beet sugar, but the bees do not seem to mind...
  4. redtrout

    Honey Jar Labels ???

    I have tried several suppliers and found Flexilabel have the right sizes in gloss white at a fair price. I use Avery Design Pro (free) and Inkscape to do the design. DP allows you to create custom size labels to match Flexilabel sizes. I got a full colour laser printer from gumtree £20 and can...
  5. redtrout

    What's trying to get into my hives?

    Possibly not much help here, but when I kept bees in Quebec I had a problem with raccoons . They scratch the landing board then eat the bees that come to investigate. I cannot think of a uk rodent that would do that.
  6. redtrout

    Honey from the South West Wanted

    Great news. I have been wholesaling at £4 a lb but that is jarred to shops, I will accept a sensible offer. Would be grateful to get my tubs back when finished. It is sieved but needs straining as there are wax particles in it.
  7. redtrout

    Honey from the South West Wanted

    Are you still looking? I have 180lb in 30lb pails. Mainly apple blossom and bramble, no osr. South Somerset area.
  8. redtrout

    Which budget wood hive

    Just got some commercial 2nd bb’s from maisies, one had the finger joints a bit out of synch. It was replaced quibble free and by return, great service. British cedar but seem ok. I have used seconds from most suppliers, NBS have the nicest woodwork but they all are fit for purpose. I have yet...
  9. redtrout

    Label materials

    The best label program I have used is Enlabel but it costs £600. I am using Inkscape for design which is a powerful graphics app, free, and Flexilabels gloss vinyl labels. You can adjust the spacing when you duplicate the label. Save as à .PDF then laser print at a print shop. I plan to get a...