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    Queenless colonies

    Hi Following AS 6 weeks ago I have 2 queenless colonies plus a laying queen in a nuc. Do I amalgamate the nuc with it's original colony? If yes, is it best to return the queenless colony to the nuc or put the nuc in with the queenless colony? Is the newspaper trick the best way to do...
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    No Queen Cells

    I am a second year bee keeper and am feeling a little overwelmed at the moment. The more I learn about beekeeping the more I realise, I know nothing. Two days ago I knocked down all the queen cells in a colony and added a second brood box to create room and to try and prevent them swarming...
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    Best forage plants

    Hi, never used one of these forums before but here goes. Does anyone know a good book or better still, website, where I can find out which plants, trees etc provide the best nectar? Thanks