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    Queen mating / siting of Apidea

    I am developing a Queen rearing regime. I'm wondering when laying queens are resident in their mating hives what restrictions would there be on local movement. I have in mind using my mated queens to replace those who have done me well during previous seasons. My mating hives are situated 10...
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    Nucs Somerset

    Hi I am looking to sourse Nucs local to Somerset. Preferably early May if possible. Many thanks
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    Would you Adam and Eve it !

    I'm going to need a hand with this one. Looking out of my garage this afternoon I saw a number of flying bees. I followed a few of these to a brick joint in the external front wall of my house next to a first floor window. Ive watched for a good 15 and without doubt I appear to have collected...
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    Wrecked hive full of Bees What next !

    Took a call today to examine a disused and abandoned hive in a local privately owned wood. On arrival I was confronted by a disaster. The hive was overgrown and rotten having obviously been left untouched for many a year. I watched the hive for 10 minutes and confirmed a steady flow of bees...
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    Checked apiary today, Despatched two Queen wasps. Opened entrance blocks to the max. Supered. + 1 Checked Varroa drop Max per hive 3 . Stores and brood in abundance. Found Queens. Sun out.
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    Fondant full !

    Took the opportunity today to examine the brood. Average 4 frames per hive with strong evidence of Queen activity. Have over wintered well and fed fondant when needed. The bees have storeswell of at least 7 super frames per hive. I know it is slightly early but am seeking advice. How do I...
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    Commercial queens

    Wondering. Does anyone have the low down on what types of queens that are used as a preferred choice by commercial bee farmers. Bearing in mind inspection times are bound to be limited and somewhat more clinical
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    Colony management now !

    Hi, I am looking to unconfuse myself. I have extracted two supers of honey and am currently treating my colonies . I have Brood box , eke and Apiguard on all hives. I am clearing Varroa which is evident on trays as I inspect. The brood has stored pollen and some capped honey at edges on a...
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    Ripening and clearing honey

    I succesfully extracted a super of honey yesterday and now have it resting in a settling tank . I can see an abundance of air bubbles on the surface. Can anyone give me an idea how long to leave the honey to clear itself of air and does placing it in a warmer environment assist. Thanks
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    Whats in a flow.

    I understand that a flow is on when the bees are obviously busy. I observe full pollen sacs and can see the obvious signs of honey being capped within comb that is being drawn. I can see a multitude of different colours contained in pollen stores I don,t get how keepers are able to say that...
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    Varroa and sugar etc

    As with most of us Varroa are present in my hives. I have to date monitored, undertaken sacrificial drone and sugar treatments. The drop I am experiencing is within acceptable limits. All my bees appear healthy and active. I do wonder because I read varying reports about the effectiveness...
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    Bee sting experiences

    I know we all differ but I do wonder. I am relatively new to Beekeeping but have already taken my fair share of stings. Most of them are in fact own goals... Pulling a welly off with a bee in; Unzipping my hood prematurely and getting it on the nose and neck; Taking a glove off as I leave...
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    Getting a nuc ready for winter

    I have recently taken possession and installed a 5 frame nuc with a new queen into our apiary. The nuc has plenty of capped brood , some stores and has been active when the recent weather permits. As we are in a flow I have deliberately not fed the nuc relying upon their foraging and likely...
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    Dead drones

    Hive Inspected yesterday and a large number of dead drones seen outside entrance and floor. This is a new nuc that has only been in situ for 2-3 weeks. No great evidence of stores on frames but lots of capped brood. Bees appear active gathering pollen. Can I interperate dead drones as...
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    Bee related snippets. How many ?

    Honey I shrunk the kids. Bee bop a lula. Bee-m me up Scotty.
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    Syrup being stored Help!

    Can someone please give me a little advice please. I have a nucleus which has been introduced to a hive within the past 7 days. Colony is being fed with syrup via a deep frame. I checked hive today. All looks well . Some comb being drawn on new frames. Some Larva present. Some capped honey...