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    Lost queen ?

    Have a very busy hive but can't find a Queen, I very often can't spot her in such a busy hive even though she was marked earlier this year. There is a lot of sealed brood and a great deal of pollen but not much in the way of larvae. Some of the larvae looks about 7 days old. (?) Feel...
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    Storing used frames over winter

    Another question please. After extracting honey I put the fames back into the hive above the crown board for the bees to clean up. Would like to store through the winter, finding the advice a bit conflicting. So - can i wrap them in newspaper put in a big plastic box and leave...
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    Is it too late for swarms?

    I took off my honey a few weeks ago, also took off the queen excluder but left the super in place. (My intention was to swop the brood box and super over for the winter - but as the boxes were heavy I decided to leave until I had help) masses of activity around the hive today and had a...
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    assassin bee

    Assassin bee I too had an assassin bee. Several hours after collecting honey. Had even had a shower afterwards but she still found me, made straight fo r my head . Very scarey, do you think they have a memory or was it just coincidence. I think I was deliberately targeted.
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    Brood and a half

    Due to many reasons I have a brood box with a super on top (no queen excluder in place). I had a new queen towards the end of last season. Today is the very first time I have been able to get to the hive to see what is going on. The brood box and super both appear to be thriving...
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    need to requeen

    Hi. I had coffee this morning with two elderly beekeepers, this is always a mistake - 1, as I always end up paying for the coffee, and 2 they both like to help me with advice. This ALWAYS conflicts. Mentioned my 2 queens were two years old and I felt I should do something about it...
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    how small an area is suitable

    Hi. Thanks to everyone who answered my question - seems you are all pretty much in agreement. Looking forward to a good year. J.
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    how small an area is suitable

    I have recently moved and have brought my two hives with me. I had a new site arranged for them to move to in the spring - but due to the weather I think it will be unlikely I will ever be able to move them there. When I moved in November I placed them in a temporary position beside my...
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    oil seed rape

    Hi Moby - seems a good idea to put bucket in car for a while - BUT after that, will it go solid again ? Thanks
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    oil seed rape

    Hi. have just returned from holiday to find the fields on 3 sides are covered in oil seed rape - all flowering beautifully - on the fourth side of the garden we have the sea. As this is my first experience of OSR. I could do with some advice. I realise I must remove any capped honey and...
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    shook swarms

    o.k. thanks. so, and bear with me on this, all the brood eggs larvae etc in the old frames are then destroyed (would you freeze ?) Also the timing must be quite critical - my hives are in an orchard - so I am guesing I should do this just before the blossom comes out.
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    shook swarms

    I have been reading a lot lately about shook swarms as a means of controlling disease, and wondered what your thoughts are on the subject - not sure if it would be beneficial, and how long it would take the bees to recover and get back to full production. any comments please.
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    more fondant d.i.y.

    It is very easy to mix to the right consistency, and there is plenty for me, (2hives). think the box cost just over a pound. There is no anti caking agent in it - although there is in the normal icing sugar. Will give this a go anyway. For someone like me who only has two hives I think...
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    more fondant d.i.y.

    Just reading the forum regarding d.i.y. fondant. Can I use the boxed fondant icing sugar mixed with water - would that provide the same result. i have a box of silver spoon icing sugar and the ingrediants are just icing sugar and dried glucose syrup. Thanks.
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    home made fondant

    Thanks for all replies. Definatly had the mixture to the soft ball stage - so not sure why it all went downhill from there. What are your thoughts on the fondant icing sugar??? If that works and is o.k. for the bees it is certainly a much easier option for making your own. Also ready...
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    home made fondant

    Hi. Have tried making fondant for the first time and have followed posted recipies (Granulated sugar, glucose, water) and you tube videos - In spite of this I have not been overly successful - (still pretty fluid - will never form a solid but pliable consistency) I have a packet of...
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    dowsing A "sort of" relative of mine told me that the reason my second hive was not performing very well was because it was positioned above water - the first hive , only about six feet or so away was doing really well. I was inclined to move them, but as the season has gone on both...
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    Hi _ actully should have read previous year - acquired hive about 12 months ago - complete with bees. did the course - information overload Im afraid. thanks.
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    Hi. as a new beekeeper - overrun with information - some of it conflicting, I need a few simple answers - firstly Can you tell me what is supercedure. My queen is several years old - queen cells are now appearing - is this supercedure ? 1) do I kill her and let the hive make a...