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  1. GingerNut

    Drilling holes in supers to improve access

    I tried this last year..........there is a thread somewhere.........the bees just filled the holes up with propolis. So a waste of time. Yours Roy Found the thread - http://www.beekeepingforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=6399
  2. GingerNut

    Question about shutting bees in

    I've been doing work in my garden and I have shut my bees in twice now and they have been fine. I let them out again at the very earliest opportunity. Yours Roy
  3. GingerNut

    Newby question - How much time does beekeeping require?

    In my seven hives I had last year, I never went through any of their brood boxes. This leaves them alone as you will damage the brood by inspection. The only problem you may have is swarming, if you are sure they are not going to swarm, leave them alone. Yours Roy
  4. GingerNut

    Is it A good Idea to keep a Bee journal ?

    There is software available also............see this section....... http://www.beekeepingforum.co.uk/forumdisplay.php?f=54 Yours Roy
  5. GingerNut

    Hive Tracks More New Features

    It's been about 8 months since the official launch of Hive Tracks (www.hivetracks.com) and we're still humbled by the response. To date, thousands have created accounts and are using Hive Tracks to start their spring off right. We've gotten a lot of feedback from users so we're sending this...
  6. GingerNut

    Under Lock and Key

    Please post a link? Yours Roy
  7. GingerNut

    Hives Stolen in Purbrook, Hampshire

    Thanx for your concern, we are getting ready to move the last few to our new site. Yours Roy
  8. GingerNut

    This is how to beat hive thieves

    OY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I resemble that remark :cheers2: Yours Roy
  9. GingerNut

    This is how to beat hive thieves

    Yours Roy
  10. GingerNut

    This is how to beat hive thieves

    Steve and I have been working on a new way to stop hive thieves......................and we think we have come up with a solution. We have bred a very special 'Guard Bee', highly trained, and friendly to the beekeeper, but no one else. Just two 'Guard Bees' are needed to protect a whole...
  11. GingerNut

    Hives Stolen in Purbrook, Hampshire

    Well we have five colonies left between us................ Yours Roy Sent from my Nexus S using Tapatalk
  12. GingerNut

    Hives Stolen in Purbrook, Hampshire

    Well there are bees in them, cos they tried to get out when we moved them. Yours Roy Sent from my Nexus S using Tapatalk
  13. GingerNut

    Hives Stolen in Purbrook, Hampshire

    Well what else can I say................ Someone stole eight out of ten of our hives from the apiary. We managed to rescue the last two, but it's hell of a hit. So much for this years plans................. Yours Roy & Steve (steve1958)
  14. GingerNut

    New Features in Hive Tracks

    Tonight we added much needed new features to Hive Tracks. Please see the “Hive State:” field on the “Hive Information” tab. You can get to this screen by clicking any hive icon in the system. This field has a default value of “Active” but you may change it to a type of “dead out”. When a...
  15. GingerNut

    Hive Tracks Featured in Webinar

    We're sorry that took a bit longer than expected but Hive Tracks is back online now. The new "turbo charger" is in and you should see a noticeable increase in speed at the site. Please note that a few weeks from now on Feburary 9, 2011 Hive Tracks will be featured in the first 2011 webinar...
  16. GingerNut

    Hive Track News

    The response to Hive Tracks 2.0 has been terrific. Many thanks to those who helped us identify and resolve issues as they arose during the transition to our new web server. Hive Tracks will be temporarily offline early next week (Monday January 24, 1011) in order to add more “horsepower”...
  17. GingerNut

    Sharing of apiaries - good or not good?

    Both :) And we have both answered each other when the other was chatting with his bees :) Yours Roy
  18. GingerNut

    Sharing of apiaries - good or not good?

    :iagree: Yours Roy
  19. GingerNut

    Sharing of apiaries - good or not good?

    steve1958 and I share an apiary...........and it works brilliantly :) And this why - 1. It is visited twice a week so external problems can be picked up quicker. 2. If one of us is sick the other can do the inspections. 3. We can have holidays during the bee season as the other will look...
  20. GingerNut

    Hive Tracks Upgrade

    I'm afraid you are wrong, as this is a section about Hive Tracks, and this message is about Hive Tracks. Yours Roy