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    Do bees sleep

    I was driving along quite hapily yesterday, thinking about bees, and I realised I dont know if bees sleep or not ?? I must be stupid to not know .. or I cant remember!!
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    missing : POLYHIVE

    :)I am missing Polyhives posts, does anybody know where hes gone?
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    ivy bee

    does anyone know how far this bee has moved since being discovered in 2001,I know it feeds on ivy but does it compete with honey bees , I know it is a solitary species but my bees feed on ivy and I dont want any competition!!
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    anyone lost their domesticated bees?

    I have just finished reading an article in the East anglian daily times , where a shop , And I quote from the said paper : "was besieged by thousands of bees , The bees congeregated in thrree thick mounds which led the beekeeper to suggest they were protecting 3 queens and apparently they...
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    re skep making

    Hi I posted on here a while back about skep making and someone pointed me to Martin Newtonl, does anyone have his phone number as his website isnt working ,thanks
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    cut out colony advice please

    hi I would like some advice please, I took a colony by cut out method today from a cavity in an old folks home shed, and the bees fully covered six frames that I tied into brood frames, they were fanning quite happily . I left a box in the shed with the frames in so the returning bees who...
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    making skeps

    I was wondering if there was anyone out there who could recommend someone to teach a group of us how to make a skep.( location essex.) there are several of us in the colchester division who fancy having a go, just trying to find someone .thanks:)
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    tim on the bike ride

    Just had a chat with Tim , what a modest guy, can we not dig a bit deeper to get him to his target of 2k, hes already raised about 1 k, but lets get him to his target , every penny helps;)
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    wasps in thatch roof

    any ideas on removing 2 wasps nests in our thatched roof under wire netting? they have got inside the straw, and there is no visible sign of the nests, the thatch is about 1ft to 1ft6ins thick, the wasps burrow in
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    colony odour

    I am curious to know what "makes" the colony odour, is it genetic, or from other factors, as each hive is supposed to be different. just wondering...
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    what tools in your beekit?

    just wondered what strange tools people have found useful to have in their kit. mine is a cheap fishing net for catching bees to identify them where I cant reach.bee-smillie
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    honey money

    how much are you charging for honey this year?:nature-smiley-013: