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  1. J

    wanted swarm or nuc devon/dorset

    Been away but inspected yesterday. Great brood pattern and all looks good. Thanks again.
  2. J

    wanted swarm or nuc devon/dorset

    I now have bees - thanks to those who replied.
  3. J

    Q cell, what to do

    Hi, welcome to the forum. I usually get loads of help here and not too much grief! BIAS is brood in all stages- eggs larvae and sealed brood. As far as finding the queen, if you move the hive to the new location ( relatively close) the flying bees will 'return' to a new hive placed where the...
  4. J

    What protection do you wear?

    Either smock or full suit, with wellies. Thin disposable gloves or bare hands.
  5. J

    Scout bees tidying up! and advice please

    Thanks All other equipment is cleaned well, I just missed one! I will go out and rehive later.
  6. J

    Scout bees tidying up! and advice please

    Ok, so I have a bait hive in place: south facing, old but good condition comb in place, lemon grass oil bought and a few drops sprinkled. Just in case, I put a poly nuc behind the greenhouse with similar comb but no oil. I also had an old nuc (from my last colony to completely die out) between...
  7. J

    swarm cell

    Her Majesty (the queen).
  8. J


    Still off topic; I will let the topic go back to the original poster's intent but ... the square/cube model, whilst being crude does apply to any scaled shape and not just spheres (not balls, but I am still smiling at the comment). In terms of my understanding, I am an engineer, now teacher...
  9. J

    Cast in a nest box

    :iagree: My wife was big and brave last week and investigated for me! A neighbour had thought honey bees whereas the 'owner' had realised they were bumble bees. Still, it is a good way to get to know neighbours better.
  10. J


    The surface area of the ball will have increased by a factor of (4/3)^2 = 16/9 or a little less than 80% extra (1.8 fold increase), and the volume has increased by (4/3)^3 = 64/27 or about 140% extra (2.4 fold increase). This pay off between a square and cube rule shows how much more energy...
  11. J

    Confession and advice

    It does get easier with practice. I get ridiculously protective of my bees and I am sure I am not the only one who knows how you feel. No need to feel guilty
  12. J

    2nd super

    I put the supers under the old ones. I remember your situation well and must have looked in five or six books looking for the answer - never found!
  13. J

    wanted swarm or nuc devon/dorset

    Now getting desperate. I am happy to travel to collect, so Somerset or even Wiltshire too. I really do hate not having bees.
  14. J

    Bees for Sale portsmouth

    Pm sent
  15. J

    wanted swarm or nuc devon/dorset

    pm me please if you have anything. I am on nationals but will work something out if nuc on different frames.
  16. J

    have I made a mistake?

    Yes. just let any bees that are in it fly back to hive. It may well be totally devoid of bees. Actually, is it strong enough to need 1 super, how many frames are covered in sealed brood/stores?
  17. J

    Is this fondant feed in honey?

    I assume it smells ok?
  18. J

    Cardboard bee hive template

    :yeahthat: Too quick to replace the old queen. I am looking forward to Finman's explanation,
  19. J

    Learning BeeKeeping

    Hi Zipi,iIf you can get to your library, they should be able to get: Beekeeping for Dummies or, Haynes Bee Manual. Both are a good read but the dummies book will give you info on bears and raccoons etc (written for the Amercan market). There is no substitute for a beginners course and a...
  20. J

    Daftest question ever?!

    No. I have no objections to the non standard size, I just don't want the drones from an unmanaged hive visiting my colony with goodness knows what on them or in them.