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    Unbeleavable what some people can do....

    Hi All I don't post on here that often just read most of the threads, but thought I'd share this with you as I was quite shocked, but I guess it happens and always will do. I sold an extractor to a older chap via a car boot sale the misses did a few weeks back, anyway he ended up with my phone...
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    National Hives For Sale Leicestershire

    HI All I have some hives for sale, the are National Hives, over wintered 2010 Queens, breed by me. They have 2 supers partially filled, colonies expanding well. Located near Thurmaston Leicestershire. Pm me or call me on 07989 404 903. Cheers Mark.
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    AFB In Northampton

    Hi Hope this isn't a repeat post but I had an email this morning from my BKA Details Below; AFB is in 3 villages now in Northamptonshire. Irthlingborough, Little Harrowden and Finedon. Seems to be in a Triangle. If anyone lives close by to these villages expect to get a visit from Bee...
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    Incubating Queen Cells

    Hi All I was given a couple of Sealed QC's last night and have out them in my Chicken Eggs Incubator to try and hatch them, I have it set at 93DegF but need to know what the humidity needs to be, also I was thinking of Mounting them in there natural Position, facing down on a jar lid with some...
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    OSR Honey in Swarm Hive Q's

    Hi All I collected a swarm from one of my hives last weekend, I put them in a hive of foundation and gave them a feed to help draw the comb, I took the feed off after 3 days as they had hardly touched it, they have now drawn over 7 frames in a week and have started to cap some of the stores...
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    Nuc Question

    I made up a couple of Nucs a few weeks back, took a look today and there's a lot of bees in the nuc a good 5 frames and the new queen has started to lay only saw a small amount of eggs, so guess shes not long started, my question is there was a heck of a lot of stores in there I haven't fed them...
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    A Practical Manual of Beekeeping: How to Keep Bees and Develop Your Full Potential as

    Just got this book would highly recommend it, from a newbie point of view really good read. Got mine from Amazon uk for less than a tenner! Bargain:sifone:
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    Queen Rearing Kits and Mini Nucs, Which One?

    Hi All Being a newbie to Queen Rearing, I was looking at ordering a Queen rearing kit and Mini Nuc, there are a few different ones out there and wondered which ones you prefer and which ones to keep clear off? Any Advice would be great thanks. Mark.
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    Aritfical Swarm Yesterday

    HI Guys I inspected my hives yesterday and started a Bailey Frame Change last saturday. On inspecting one of the hives I was trying to locate and mark the queen, couldn;t find her and found 2 Queen Cells with royal jelly in and a grub, so came home got my nuc box went back and found the queen...
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    Cut Comb Honey

    Hi All This year I fancy having a go at Cut comb honey, does any one have a guide on how to do it? Do you take the capping off or just cut it out and leave them on? Cheers Mark.
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    First inspection of the year, First Time Overwintering.

    Hi All Hope this doesn't bore you all but just wanted to tell you what I saw and to see if you think this sounds ok and answer the few questions I have. Just done my first inspection of the year, reasonably warm day in Leicester 12deg, took a look at the bees this morning and they were out and...
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    Apiguard tray empty in 7 days?

    HI I started my treatment of apiguard and on one of my hives (the largest colony) the tray was empty when I inspected 7 days later? On checking the other 2 hives they still had some left in theirs. Has anyone else ever had this and should I wait till next week and add the next tray or add it...
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    Well Chuffed

    Hi Being a newbie and getting my first Bees this year I am well chuffed to say I did get some honey and entered it in to a local honey show, of which escapes me, I went away on Holiday and one of the members of the LRBKA entered it for me, anyway it Won Best In Class! I found out by email...
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    Hi How do you collect Propolis? I have been asked if I can supply some to a friend of my sisters and being a newbeek haven;t done this yet or been able to find any threads about it when using the search on here, can someone shed some light on how to collect it and what to do with it? Cheers...
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    Honey Recipes forum??

    Hi Admin I just thought, that as I'm extracting my first honey this evening and am looking for Ideas to use some honey in cooking, maybe the forum could do a recipes section, so people can list whats good to do with honey in cooking. Cheers Mark.
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    Plant I.D with Pics.

    Hi Can anyone identify this plant and tell me what it is, I have 3 fields of it 250m from the hives, I stopped and had a quick look in the field this morning to see if there were bees on it, I did see a few flying around it and some bumbles. Is it good for the bees and should I be ready...
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    Colony Collected

    Hi All I had the fortunate opportunity to collect a colony of bees from a chap who had them appear in his dove loft above a barn, he told me on the phone they had been there for 4 weeks, I thought ok this will be interesting and a good piece of practical skill to learn never having done this...
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    Lots of Dead Bees?? Anyone Help?

    Hi I'm a newbee and am doing a beginners course, hopefully you won't get bored reading this but I wanted to give as much info as I could about what has happened with my bees and what I found this morning. I had my bees now for 4 weeks and the nucs have been increasing in size over this time, I...
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    I'm now offically a Bee Keeper! Pics & Q's

    Hi Got my 2 Nucs Yesterday and set them up in the afternoon, exciting stuff I must saying moving the frames from the nucs to the hives with no smoke, couldn't believe how many bees were in the nucs! they seemed quite calm, well I judge this on how many tried to sting me and I only saw one try...
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    Newbee need a favour Leicester

    Hi Bit embarrassing to ask this question, but I went to see my bro-in-law near lands ends at the weekend and left my smoker down there, I am picking up my first bees on Sunday and wondered if anyone had a spare smoker they would be prepared to lend me until mine get posted back up here? I will...