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  1. J

    Scout bees tidying up! and advice please

    Ok, so I have a bait hive in place: south facing, old but good condition comb in place, lemon grass oil bought and a few drops sprinkled. Just in case, I put a poly nuc behind the greenhouse with similar comb but no oil. I also had an old nuc (from my last colony to completely die out) between...
  2. J

    wanted swarm or nuc devon/dorset

    pm me please if you have anything. I am on nationals but will work something out if nuc on different frames.
  3. J

    How do I tell my wife "It's ok the bees are flying"?

    I went out in the sunshine today and sat outside each of my hives. Four hives in three locations, ten minutes at each. They were flying and the joy of the sound and the detail of their comings and goings was absolutely fabulous Then my phone rings and a stone has cracked the screen of the...
  4. J

    Foundationless Frame - Comments?

    I don't know if it is acceptable to discuss an article from the latest BBKA magazine here... but I guess I will find out quickly and clearly :) For those that haven't seen it, it looks like a dummy board made from thin ply (the size of a frame). Over half the area is routed out from the centre...
  5. J

    Combining QR poly nuc with queenless wooden national

    Please be nice in your answers, I do know how to combine 2 hives and why, when etc. but I need help this time... I have a QR 5 frame poly nuc with over 2 frames of covered brood and good stores - It is a one piece box with integral mesh floor. I also have a wooden national hive with about 4...
  6. J

    can apparantly q- hives produce queen cells

    I know only fertilised eggs can produce queens but a swarm I hived 3 weeks ago is in the following state: BIAS and eggs (few and patchy for both) but all capped larvae are drones walls being extended around all reasonably large one capped emergency queen cell and loads of pollen and capped...
  7. J

    Second swarm survived

    Thanks for the advice on getting the swarm out of a chimney. It took a few hours of green grass on little fires to convince them that they needed to not come down either side of the chimney. The up shot is that they died (poisoned by the smoke in all likelihood) and what (if any) that was left...
  8. J

    Please help - bees in a chimney

    I know the standard advice is run away and call in someone to kill them but... There are bees in a disused chimney where I have my hives; the chimney is boarded up at the room end. They have been there about 3 weeks and it must feel very comfortable to them because a few years ago there was a...
  9. J

    'Pulsing' longitudinally - why?

    Sorry for the strange title but I don't know how better to describe it. Yesterday evening I noticed that it seems quite common for the bees from both my colonies to increase and decrease in length when landed and stationary. They are not flexing the end of their abdomin but just changing length...
  10. J

    Bees changing colour?

    I picked up my second colony (full to bursting 5 frame nuc) about a week ago and was told that the queen was a few weeks old and the daughter of a queen that swarmed very early this year. I moved them into a new hive and fed them and they are working twice as hard as my other colony (similar...
  11. J

    Robbing, new to flying or confused?

    I got my first bees last friday and after my initial concern, I am happy that they are not being robbed but for future reference... Is it easy to tell whther any "zig zag" flying around the entrance to a hive is due to robbing, bees trying out their wings and orietating themselves or already...