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  1. Blunt Spike

    Patrick Murfet moving on...................

    I've received an email this morning from them. Looks like they're branching out, although a few thousand years too late. Apparently, they now stock mammoth hive kits, I guess you need a big garden. 🤔😯🤣
  2. Blunt Spike

    Brood frame spacing

    Have you looked at the spacing of frames when castellations are used? They may be different again lol.
  3. Blunt Spike

    What’s going on?

    Heres one impaled on an Agave Spike.
  4. Blunt Spike

    Setting unrealistic expectations for a beekeeping lifestyle

    I bet he smokes a few baddies!
  5. Blunt Spike

    Newbie question: Where (and when) do I get bees?

    As Eric has said, put a deposit on a nuc or nucs for the spring. There's little positive you can do this side of winter. Getting bees now risks; 1, You getting curious and just having a peek - when they should be left alone and accidentally killing the queen. 2, You may need to consider...
  6. Blunt Spike

    Winter stores (or lack of ).

    My bees have brought more in during this last week of warm weather, than they have since the middle of June. I went through 18 colonies yesterday and the queens are back laying strongly after a good brood break of 3 or 4 weeks-ish for some (I was starting to worry about a couple of queens)...
  7. Blunt Spike

    Queen excluder question

    Practical solutions are not condescending imo.
  8. Blunt Spike

    Identifying male wasps from female

    Why would you hang a donkey? 🤔 🤣
  9. Blunt Spike

    Van theft

    If you spot your property dont try to get it back yourself. Phone 999 and talk them in. You leave yourself wide open to spurious complaints at best, and serious assault at other end. Not worth the hassle. Plus handling stolen goods is more serious that the theft, and it is better for the Po po...
  10. Blunt Spike

    Unusual smell / after taste - any ideas?

    If its £6 for the jar, how much is the honey?
  11. Blunt Spike

    online store:

    Let's hope its genuine as you've now put links on here lol.
  12. Blunt Spike

    Propolis remover

    If you were to break it down to component parts, you may discover diaphoresis aka sweat is involved.
  13. Blunt Spike

    Asian Hornets

    I've just read that story. What I did find interesting is the change from AH stings are no more dangerous to humans than wasps etc at the start, then by the end "Ten people on Jersey have already sought urgent medical treatment this year after being attacked. Thankfully they survived but the...
  14. Blunt Spike

    To bee or not to bee...

    What about route to market? Does he have regular customers or will you suddenly have a load of honey to try to sell? Who owns the risk? I know I'm the eternal pessimist but, I like to know what happens if something goes wrong. Suddenly you lose an apiary to disease or theft, are you held...
  15. Blunt Spike

    New out-apiary or stick with what I've got?

    I've got three out apiaries, two on farms and one on a private estate. If you talk to landowners and explain your needs which for me were out of public view, away from public footpaths, they showed me around and I picked my spot. Ive found farmers love the idea of having bees on their land and...
  16. Blunt Spike

    BBKA Basic exam

    The smoker is the hot tin with a chimney 🤣
  17. Blunt Spike

    I must have been a bad person in a previous life...

    James, I feel for you mate. Sometimes it feels like if I didnt have bad luck, I would have no luck! Main thing to remember is a car is only a piece of metal, at least your lads ok.
  18. Blunt Spike

    Is15th August too late

    What are you working within? How big is the colony that may have a virgin queen? Have you definitely got a queen in there? Did you buy the other colony? If so how strong is it? Could these be split? thinking you may find it easier to find their queen to prevent an accident with 2 queens if you...
  19. Blunt Spike

    Hives stolen, Llangollen area

    I know of a prolific shed burglar who used to walk 10+ miles sticking to canal towpaths and other unobserved paths to get to where he wanted to commit crimes. No one could catch him until undercover cops pretended to be buyers. He asked them for a lift one day, and spilled the beans on how he...
  20. Blunt Spike

    D F Morris

    I still use the same email address that I created 20 years ago. I only suggested to try as she seemed keen to learn more about her grandfather and maybe being involved in a chapter or even just an article about him in a book would be a nice thing. If you think its not possible then so be it...