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    Keeping bees warm

    I've just been reading simon kerr's post + will try some insulation - Th....s or B.. !
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    Keeping bees warm

    Last year we had thick ice all Nov, then snow Dec - end of March. It was cold. I wonder then about putting polystyrene round the outside or hessian. I take on board that the bubblewrap won't allow the hive to breathe + could cause Nosema problems. I had an omf last year, this year I have an omf...
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    Keeping bees warm

    I'm up in the Shropshire Hills and last year I lost a colony in winter - they died on full stores. It was heartbreaking cleaning them out. A committee member of my local association said that they had had reports of a number of colonies in the uplands that froze on the frames, not waking to feed...
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    Moving Hives

    Thanks Well, errr, thanks for clearing that one up then - Wow :party:
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    Moving Hives

    I want to move my hives no more than about 500m from their present site. When is the best time to do this to avoid having to move them more than 5 miles, wait 6 weeks, do the hokey cokey, etc. Thanks.
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    This years "Cock Up's"

    Expensive D'Oh I found a swarm whilst out walking in the rain. Husband, not chuffed with a skep of bees in the barn, (where the kids bikes are), went out early next morning and bought, yes BOUGHT a shiny new brood box, Q ex, omf & roof :ack2: The bees were fiendish, real devils, so when I saw 1...
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    daily mortality??

    Hi, Happy New Year. I've been knee deep in snow for 11 days here now, with the temperature at -2 today, (we have had -6), and never getting above about +2 over the whole Christmas period. I have seen q a few dead bods on the omf, the girls aren't throwing them out - I haven't seen them taking...
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    How long can winter syrup be stored for?

    Thanks - I have got some candy/fondant from a bee suppliers. Freezing the syrup also sounds like a good idea - Ta :-)
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    How long can winter syrup be stored for?

    I made a job lot of syrup about 6 weeks ago, used some in the feeder and stored the rest in glass bottles with screw top lids, (yup, the Jacob's Creek variety seem to work well!) :cheers2: Anyway, the bees have completely taken the syrup and they are still flying in the sunshine, so will 6 week...
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    Diseases and Pests

    The photos and information are really useful, it must have taken a lot of time to put together. Thank you :)
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    Mentor Wanted Midlands - Welsh Boarders

    Hi, is there anyone who could talk to me about over wintering my bees?
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    Baker's Fondant

    I've noticed that Silver Spoon do a dry ready mix of fondant icing - ingredients are dried glucose syrup and icing sugar. It probably works out as expensive, especially if you have a number of hives, at 95p for 500g. But, would this do any harm to have as a store cupboard back up? I've never...
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    Where Is Everyone?

    Where am I? Do I come here often? I'm also in the midlands, but over on the left a bit - on the Welsh Boarders. So pleased that it's been hot and sunny dahnn sarff, and that folk have been basking in the sunshine oop north, coz it's been a bog-awful summer over here. I fed my bees at the end...
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    Late June gap & Bracken Spraying

    I've got 2 questions here: 1 - We've had 2 and a half weeks of B..awful weather. My new pckage were a couple of months old, putting down new brood, egg cells, pollen and some stores etc nicely, (just like in the book and as discussed at the newbeeks meeting! :hat: ) Well, after near constant...
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    Heather flow

    groused Non-grouse moor I'm afraid!
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    Heather flow

    Heather advice I'm 350 metres above sea level and half a mile from plentiful moorland heather. Our winter starts about 3 weeks before the rest of the county and lasts around 3 weeks longer. Is there any advice, specific to my sort of location, that I need to know - county bka and information...
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    Killing off wasps..

    more wasps :nature-smiley-011:I've seen a wasp around the hive - I've only ever seen 1 at a time, but if I've seen 1, I can be sure that there'll be more about. I'm wary of putting down wasp traps because, although my hive has stock fencing around it, there are calves in the field and I don't...
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    When to stop feeding

    Thanks admin and heather. There does seem to be plenty of pollen going in. I'll leave it up to them to feed themselves now.
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    When to stop feeding

    Right, I'll try to explain again!! I have my bees in the brood box and my feed in the super - with a blank frame either side. (I was told and shown how to do it this way by an experienced beekeeper.) I was told to feed them up to get them established and whilst they were taking all the syrup...
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    When to stop feeding

    I had a package of bees 2 weeks ago. Ive been feeding them sugar syrup, (1kg sugar to 500ml water), twice a week since. Today, although I topped up the syrup, there was some left. Also, the girls are taking in lots of pollen. The brood frames now spread over 8 frames, (in a bog-standard...