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  1. Erichalfbee

    Honey on 'country'file

    Because it adds little to the thread and just gets folks' backs up
  2. Erichalfbee

    Langstroth jumbo swarm control

    I Demaree 14x12s which must be nigh on the same weight.....but Stan does the lifting The Demaree thread is here Demaree And there is more useful info here INDEX of STICKIES
  3. Erichalfbee


    Mine came with it
  4. Erichalfbee

    Bulk honey buyers

    An opportunity for somebody else then. Lots of commercials do
  5. Erichalfbee

    Bulk honey buyers

    A golden opportunity for you
  6. Erichalfbee

    Bulk honey buyers

    So £3.60 per lb
  7. Erichalfbee

    Bulk honey buyers

    Yes of course. A pallet of buckets is a lot.
  8. Erichalfbee

    Weird creature in hive

    Is this a spider?
  9. Erichalfbee

    Bulk honey buyers

    Bulk honey prices are hitting rock bottom according to @Into the lions den I don’t suppose honey by the bucket is considered bulk though. Patrick Lasletts site has spring honey for sale from £3 to £4 a pound.
  10. Erichalfbee

    Varroa count after OA treatment

    I use OAV for an accelerated drop counted 24 hours after vaping. Using 20% as a rough estimate of the number of mites on adult bees ( the remains 80% being in the brood) gives me an idea if the size of the infestation. If I see lots of mites dropped in the first 24 hours I’m fairly happy this...
  11. Erichalfbee

    Oxalic acid

    APC for me too
  12. Erichalfbee

    Honey on 'country'file

    Is FLuorescence Excitation-Emission (FLE) spectroscopy. new?
  13. Erichalfbee


    I’m happy with mine
  14. Erichalfbee


    Isn’t it always the way !
  15. Erichalfbee

    Test burns

    I use the wick that produces the smallest flame while burning the wax evenly.
  16. Erichalfbee

    Full face mask for Vaping.

    My problem is that I have a small head and finding a mask that fits snuggly without bisecting my cheeks is difficult.
  17. Erichalfbee

    Let's share our garden setups

  18. Erichalfbee

    Let's share our garden setups

    Trust you 😂😂
  19. Erichalfbee

    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    These look pretty good. Huw much do they weigh?
  20. Erichalfbee

    Selling candles to shop for resale

    Thanks for this @Pembroke I’ve put this into the STICKIES