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  1. Amari

    Shopping list 😁

    - As above: best quality all-in-one bee suit, spare nucleus hive (poly easiest) - for catching/housing a swarm and many other uses, find a mentor. - Ideally attend a beginners' course (if Covid permits). Not sure if there are any on line. - Get a textbook and read monthly Beecraft and BBKA News...
  2. Amari

    How do bees secrete propolis 2-3 cm into a crack?

    Oops! Just posted a silly question which I've deleted
  3. Amari

    Country file / oil seed rape and Buck wheat .

    Good question. I often think the local OSR looks good in autumn, only to be told by the local farmer the following year that the yield was so poor that he might not sow it again - but fortunately he always does....
  4. Amari

    Candle making advice

    Sorry I can't help, but let us know how they burn. I find they burn too fast so that molten wax runs down the candlestick onto the polish of our Welsh dresser. For this reason, and the fact that they spit, SWMBO has banned them.
  5. Amari

    When should I switch from feeding syrup to fondant?

    What I do (there's rarely any tablets of stone in these matters): Feed an average strength colony with about 12kg of syrup in September. The bees probably supplement this with ivy honey. That will keep most colonies going through until March. Mid winter I start hefting weekly and any hive that...
  6. Amari

    Country file / oil seed rape and Buck wheat .

    Steve G and I had hives on eight acres of buckwheat this year as per my previous thread. Post 4 describes the yield and honey taste https://beekeepingforum.co.uk/threads/hives-on-field-of-buckwheat.48307/#post-724078
  7. Amari

    Swarm Management

    You've convinced me. Thanks
  8. Amari

    Swarm Management

    Yes, sounds sensible. Thanks
  9. Amari

    Swarm Management

    Do you think a Bailey comb exchange would provide proactive swarm control similar to a Demaree? I've recently been lazy in comb renewal so next season I'm thinking of Bayleying most of my hives. Fortunately I have surplus brood boxes because of a policy switch to single bb rather than double.
  10. Amari

    Sublimox Pipe Insulation?

    Sounds interesting. Is it a shallow eke with a polycarbonate top and a hole in one side of the eke? Maybe I could make one - I'm running short of occupational therapy. Just finished a hive stand.
  11. Amari

    Sublimox Pipe Insulation?

    What is a vaping hood?
  12. Amari

    Swarm Management

    Yes, I've had mixed success with Pagden and Snellgrove ll. When you've nuc'd the queen you're presumably left with a BB of brood and Q cells. Do you leave all the Q cells (thus assuming that the first Q to emerge will destroy her competitors) or do you reduce them to one?
  13. Amari


    Tx, I'm very flattered ++. Takes me back a bit: I was lucky to be at uni when John Cleese, David Frost et al, in their early days, earned their living by doing cabaret at various student doos, Annual Nurses' Ball etc. Oh! for the return of satire! I must watch the reincarnated Spitting Image...
  14. Amari


    Ah, you live in Mid Wales and you put sun hats over your hives. SWMBO and I had four lovely days in Llangammarch Wells a few weeks ago but on a long walk I was getting really sunburnt on my bald pate. I redeployed my mask which I happened to have in my pocket.
  15. Amari


    An alternative to match sticks...
  16. Amari

    Ant city

    Hail another super-organism! Watch this 3-minute video about a subterranean city-state excavated after pouring in 10 tons of concrete to make a cast of the megalopolis. Doubtless a sorority living in peaceful harmony without the worry of mortgages, wars, or Brexit. Or maybe not. Maybe ruled by...
  17. Amari

    Winter Tip for newcomers - smoker

    Reminds me of the advisory poster-cartoons that came out soon after the onset of the AIDS epidemic: "Don't bend for a friend"
  18. Amari

    Winter Tip for newcomers - smoker

    Not sure that I can help. My only beekeeping scrotal experiences relate to that tickling feeling rising up my calf, then my thigh, then PANIC. Professionally, my expertise was limited to telescopic studies of Uranus and (different telescope) down the gullet. Maybe Dani can help? She must have...
  19. Amari

    Emergency queen cell disaster..

    She won't mate this late in the year and will no longer be fertile if you keep her as a virgin overwinter. Best to destroy the queen cells and unite. Not ideal to be rummaging in the brood boxes this late in the year. Maybe try and get a mentor for the spring
  20. Amari

    New and unknowledgeable

    Another way of testing without killing: https://www.thorne.co.uk/index.php?route=product%2Fsearch&filter_name=varroa+tester