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    What is hopelessly queenless hive?

    . What is difference between queenless and hopelesly queenless? Hopeless term has been used more and more insted of normal queenless hive in this forum. I have met the hopeless term in worker laying cases, when the hive has no queen and no hope to rear a queen. The queen has died or...
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    EVERY day to learn something new

    I have doubted it , but now I bought Samsung Galaxi Today I learned to open answering of the phone. NeXT Job is to get automatic writing off .
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    How common EFB in the UK

    . Are the different races more or less vulnerable to EFB? - black bee - carniolan - italian - buckfast - different mongrels - consentrations in local bees Lets say, last 5 years. Is there any research about genetic advantages on "local" bees, or is it better to buy resistant genes outside...
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    How spring build up explodes?

    . Many say, that they have small winter clusters but then colonies explodes. This spring has been warm and the build up has bee optimal. Bees have got more than needed willow nectar and pollen. In two weeks some strong hives have brought willow honey 10-15 kg. But the explosion: After 3 weeks...
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    One new reason to winter losses

    I saw on Beemaster forum big winter loss numbers. One inspector has writen in his article that youtube is one of the biggest reasons.
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    Document about hygienic bee freedin

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    fast degeneration of new bee stock

    . I have started to try Buckfast bees. My normal bee stock is Italian. I bought first buckfasts 4 years ago. I started to buy Italians and Buckfast from 1000 hive owner 4 years ago, and I found them good. Not all were so profitable . But now I have noticed how fast original features of...
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    Nectar in brood combs

    . It is good sign. Bees spread nectar to dry up everywhere when it is a good flow. That is why hive needs 3 supers when they get one capped honey super. If nectar layer is thick in the cell, it takes more time to dry up. It means much, how dry is nectar when bees bring it home. Do not push...
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    have you noticed honeydew on tree leaves

    . You have out there hot dry weathers, and good flow. Have you noticed sugar syrup on tree leaves and bees sucking the stuff from leaves? .
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    Snow cover and brood

    . When there is one week snow cover, bees cannot get drinking water from snow. All larvae will die or eaten off. IT means that 2 weeks' laying will be away. .
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    Energy consumption in the hive

    . It was a question, how much a colony consumes energy and how much it produces heat. The watt (symbol: W) is a unit of power. In the International System of Units (SI) it is defined as a derived unit of 1 joule per second, Joule is 1 W per second. One kilo sugar has about 17.000.000 J 1...
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    Polar vortex

    . IT has been written quite much about forecasts now. A week ago TV forecasted that weathers will become really cold. Now quite well forecast has became true. A week ago it was forecasted that nights will be -8 but now forecast is - 20 every night next 5 days. What I do is that I put a...
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    Probiotics in human

    . NHS UK : Probiotics are thought to help restore the natural balance of bacteria in your gut (including your stomach and intestines) when it's been disrupted by an illness or treatment. Probiotics may be helpful in some cases, but there's little evidence to support many health claims made...
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    Real trolls

    . Norway Their home
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    Fumigation of oxalic acid does not work properly

    In new Finnish beekeeping magazine there was a warning that fumigation does not work very well in winter. Many experienced beekeepers have told that when they trickled the same hives after fumigation they got huge amount of mites. ... so accordin magazine. The writer says, that why this...
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    What is sustainable beekeeping

    . According dictionary sustainable means "production or consumption, what environment can sustain." I could imagine that too big density of hives on certain pastures is unsustainable, but it will not spoil environment. IT only reduces surviving of bee colonies. Over grazing of bee pastures...
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    Too much trickling syrup ?

    . Take care that you give a proper volume trickling syrup onto bees. If there are too much, bees come wet and they walk away from their cluster sure and they have difficulties to cluster again. I give then saw dust to catch extra syrup from hive. They can cgange the cluster site. If cluster...
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    Thymol treatment with caging the queen technique

    Combination of thymol treatment (Apiguard®) and caging the queen technique to fight Varroa destructor https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s13592-015-0408-4 Abstract Guaranteeing high acaricide efficacy to control Varroa destructor is fundamental for colony survival. In this study, we...
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    Temps in wintering hive

    . I read about condensation chain, how bees sting water from walls. Never seen that. I want to measure one clustered hive, what are temps - out temp 0, small rain, snow cover - top of the cluster 13.5 C - inner cover temp over cluster 11C - sidemost frame 7C - back parts of top bars 5,5C .
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    Hobby beekeepers winter losses in Oregon 16/17

    http://pnwhoneybeesurvey.com/survey-results/2016-17-survey-reports/ Strange that I did not find this with E-browser. Firefox found it and smartphone. 016-17 Survey Reports Winter Bee Losses of Oregon Backyard Beekeepers, 2016-2017 by Dewey M. Caron and Jenai Fitzpatrick (View PDF...