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  1. Amari

    How do bees secrete propolis 2-3 cm into a crack?

    Oops! Just posted a silly question which I've deleted
  2. Amari

    Ant city

    Hail another super-organism! Watch this 3-minute video about a subterranean city-state excavated after pouring in 10 tons of concrete to make a cast of the megalopolis. Doubtless a sorority living in peaceful harmony without the worry of mortgages, wars, or Brexit. Or maybe not. Maybe ruled by...
  3. Amari

    Beehives in Rumania

    A few years ago my brother and his wife drove overland to the Black Sea via several ex-Soviet countries. This what he wrote: Here are the two photos of beehives in Romania. The old beehives were in an old fortified church in Viscri, a UNESCO world heritage site in the Saxon part of Romania...
  4. Amari

    How do I send a PM?

    Is it the same as 'start a conversation'?
  5. Amari

    Harvesting honey after oxalic acid vape

    I had an unusually poor July flow but took off the few capped supers for extraction early August. On most hives this left a super with variable amounts of uncapped honey. I completed my 15 day programme of vaping oxalic acid a week ago (the SBI had visited in July and found quite a lot of...
  6. Amari

    Hives on field of buckwheat

    A week ago Steve G and I placed two hives on about ten acres of buckwheat in full flower. Not much has come in so far but we are hopeful that the flow will increase with the coming week of warm weather. We read that the honey is dark in colour but that's all we know. We'd be interested to hear...
  7. Amari

    Buoyant roadside honey sales since lockdown

    My plastic sales box is on a pole on the roadside verge next to our hedge. Customers are asked to put the money down a drainpipe just above the box which exits through the hedge into a chamber pot, as per my avatar. Since the season started at the beginning of May my sales are about twice those...
  8. Amari

    Repeated ?cast swarms on the same post

    A few days ago SteveG of this forum and I removed a swarm (average cast size) from the leg of a bench in the chidrens' play area of our village playing field. It was given to someone a few miles away. Next day we had another call and Steve removed a smaller cluster from the same post and then...
  9. Amari

    Rapid crystallisation

    I took off nine supers five days ago and my wife and I extracted that morning & afternoon. Yield about 130 lbs with water % = 18. I jarred 50 lbs from the settling tank and put the rest in honey buckets. This morning I opened one of the buckets to jar some more and found the honey had...
  10. Amari

    Question: What beekeeping vehicle would you advise for £2,500?

    We've been a one-car couple for about 10 years. But with 10-14 hives in three apiaries 1-3 km from home, the family hatchback is increasingly unsuitable for transporting supers full of honey etc. I reckon I made £2,500 net profit from honey sales last year so I've decided to look for a second...
  11. Amari

    Seasonal thoughts....

    My two thoughts this year and at this time every year: OMG, the OSR looks in terrible condition, only ankle high and pigeon-pecked to death. & OMG, (in the 4/14 hives I've checked), not nearly enough brood, scarcely enough to cover a dinner plate. Then 8/52 later: threats of imminent divorce as...
  12. Amari

    Heads and tails on the inspection boards

    Yesterday I did varroa counts on nine hives (all open mesh floors) a week after vaping. Most boards had a dozen or more bees' heads quite separate from a similar number of abdomens. Legs aplenty. These body parts are too big to have fallen through the holes in the OMF so how did they get there...
  13. Amari

    Heather honey - how long before it crystallises?

    A neighbouring beekeeper and I each took a hive to the heather at Dunwich Heath on the Suffolk coast. My yield was modest: 12 jars of nice bubble-texture honey and 12 cut comb. How long before it is likely to crystallise at room temperature please? I'd like to shift it while it's still fluid...
  14. Amari

    Old brood comb and frames: recycle or chuck?

    After nearly 50 years of beekeeping I'm getting fed up with recycling frames of old brood comb. I no longer melt down old black comb - the wax yield is minimal and they make good firelighters. It's cleaning the frames for reuse that is beginning to get me. Wooden brood frames, especially the...
  15. Amari

    Asian hornet baffles

    Interesting article in BBKA News, Feb 2019: 'Asian hornet:the sleepers awake.' The article describes two types of baffle, fixed to the front of the hive, used by the French. The first, the muselier (=muzzle) is a cage made of 10mm mesh. It is briefly mentioned in the Asian hornet sticky. The...
  16. Amari

    Matchsticks are still with us!

    BBKA News, February 2019; 'February in the Apiary'; "I always put four matchsticks diagonally across each corner under the crown board to help create a 'chimney effect' for the air to circulate in the hive therefore reducing the chance of condensation accumulating."
  17. Amari

    Does warming honey jars before filling reduce frosting?

    In the bee marquee at the Suffolk Show this year I was surprised to see jars of set honey with frosting win first prizes. I've always assumed frosting is a blemish. For the last few years I've warmed my jars to 50C before running in the honey and feel sure this has reduced (but not eradicated)...
  18. Amari

    Safety of calcium chloride as a honey desiccant - any chemists out there?

    Last summer I wrote to the editor of BBKA News in reply to Wally Shaw's 'Readers' Questions'. "Dear Editor Wally Shaw (Harvesting unsealed honey, BBKA News, July 2018) suggests using a dehumidifier in a small reasonably air-tight room to reduce the water content of unripe honey in the comb to...
  19. Amari

    Queen cells: treat 'em rough and they might survive.

    On 5th July SteveG and I found a single capped queen cell in a brood box purchased as a nuc a few weeks previously. The colony was otherwise expanding well. I removed it and popped it into my top pocket. A couple of hours later I made up a quick nuc and pinned the Qcell in a coiled-wire...
  20. Amari

    Just extracted very dark honey.

    I took off 190 lbs from 12 boxes yesterday all collected since my previous extraction a month ago . I've never seen such dark slightly murky honey. Ted Hooper says blackberry honey is mid-amber and willow herb is clear yellow. There are no sweet chestnuts locally. There is a little knapweed...