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    Looking a removal in the eye....

    About 4 years ago, a neighbour knocked on the door and asked if I wanted some bees. A swarm had arrived and was busy shifting into its new accommodation: about twenty feet up a brick wall. By the time I got there, they (the bees) had well and truly made up their mind that that was home, and...
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    Plant ID Please

    This plant is a real memory evoker for me, but I have no idea what it is. Bees seem to work it a little, but this is the first time I have managed to couple the scent with the plant...Any help in ID from the botanically knowledgeable would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance, Roche
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    Sound as a repellent

    Has anyone heard of using sound as a deterrent against a swarm moving into an inconvenient location? Playing loud music next to an entrance they are looking at moving into?
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    What sort of snake is this?

    I suspect this is a grass snake - just found in the compost.... But what do people think?
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    Machineway corrosion

    Every autumn, I think I really ought to do something about this... I have some machine tools in a stand-alone un-heated, drafty garage. As the temperature drops, they start to get condensation. Not really a problem on painted surfaces, although not desirable. The real problem is on the ways...
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    Cooking Honey Price

    What is the going rate for cooking honey? What are people selling at - in bulk, say 10kg and over?
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    Electric uncapping knives

    Having just started using an electrically heated uncapping knife, a few questions have come up... I wonder what other people use to hold the knife when it is not in active use, during frame swaps? The honey left on the knife will caramelise unless it is wiped off - is there some neat trick to...
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    An ugly question

    Hi All, I have been asked to remove some bees. The location is one story up, and fundamentally inaccessible. The bees have only recently (last 3 days) shifted in, so they have not built a large infrastructure. I have reluctantly come to the conclusion that destruction is probably the only way...
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    Wood stained by wine

    In the course of dinner, the (red) wine went off course on its way to a glass from the bottle... The table is totally untreated - I think ash or elm - and now has a violet mark on it, that water doesn't seem to be moving. Does anyone have a thought about how to get rid of it? Thanks in...
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    EU/GB Bee shortage....

    Interesting link - apparently the UK has the second highest shortage of honey bees... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-25656283
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    last hope question...Avp92

    Does anyone know of a copy anywhere - or where I might look? It is a document published by the British Ministry of Technology in about 1968, relating to design quality in electronics... All suggestions greatfully received, Thanks in Advance, Roche
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    Swarm Season has started...

    http://www.stuff.co.nz/manawatu-standard/news/9368227/Bees-on-bike-create-big-buzz I've noticed that NZ Bees tend to be a lot less aggressive than the UK ones, even when not swarming...
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    Cut-out, Trap-out, Trap-in or worse...

    Problem: A Colony of bees has inhabited an area either behind wall tiles or under a felted flat roof. (first floor roof – about 15 to 20 feet up) Entrance is between soffit and wall cladding tiles. Tiles are terracotta. Top row is attached above soffit. Entrance is about 300mm long, about 3...
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    Cisco Guys?

    Do we have any Cisco Guys on the forum? I have a little routing problem...PM please... Thanks, Roche
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    Low Stores surprise

    We went around to take Apiguard off yesterday, and were surprised to find stores levels in all the colonies had decreased hugely in the last two weeks. We had left all the colonies with a super of their own stores, and brood boxes with plenty in as well. They all appeared to be flying well. But...
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    What Temperature for Nectar Flow?

    I remember seeing somewhere that clover nectar starts to flow when the temperature is higher than 24C. I guess that other plants have their own temperatures... Does anyone happen to know the temperature for lavender? Is there a reference that has the information? Thanks in advance, Roche
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    Swarm Collection

    Just a thought - and we might have collectively had it already... What about a swarm collection list, in some sort of searchable or geographical order? It would mean members contact details being available - possibly as an email back to a requester. Any thoughts?
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    Are Bees Territorial about forage?

    We were watching some of the bees forage for water yesterday, and noticed what appeared to be fights breaking out at the water source. That triggered the question - Will bees defend good forage?
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    How to help a dog with a phobia?

    We recently adopted an 11 year old black Lab. His previous owner has had to go into an old folks home. The dog is great, firendly, not pining or anything but he has this phobia...It seems like he won't walk on tiled floors. Now, that is a problem, as the entire ground floor of the house is...
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    Old old magazines...

    Does anyone have copies of the BBKA news or Beecraft from 1974,75 and 76? Thanks and Regards, Roche