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  1. Newbeeneil

    Beekeeping Robots?

    Out of boredom I tapped on the members tab at the top of the page to find that there appear to be a lot of Robots very interested in beekeeping, are we going to be made redundant in a brave new world or are they purely mining information? Isn't technology wonderful? 😄
  2. Newbeeneil

    Watching Mike Palmer at NHS 😊

    I'm sure this will be an education 😊
  3. Newbeeneil

    Beekeeping contract available.

    I'm not sure where to post this so if this is in the wrong section could admin please move it? For the last year I have been helping a client with their bees which are normally positioned on a roof of their offices in Bromley, Kent. I also look after some of their hives in Camberley, Surrey so...
  4. Newbeeneil

    Label materials

    This is my third year of selling honey from shelves outside my house. When I started I labelled the jars with standard paper labels and used a laser printer. Due to the fact the jars are outside the labels get damp and damaged, I had to regularly relabel jars to make them presentable for sale...
  5. Newbeeneil

    Steam wax melter?

    Has anyone got plans or details of a wax melter driven by a wallpaper steamer?
  6. Newbeeneil

    EHO inspection!

    Had the guy from my local councils EHO dept come to inspect today. He loved my little honey room..... got a 5! 😄
  7. Newbeeneil

    Commercial beekeepers and swarms.

    A friend of mine has a small woodland with a semi derelict hut on it. He noticed recently that some bees were taking an interest in the void below the roof and asked if I would put a bait hive up as he didn't want bees to set up home in the hut as he has plans to reverb it. I set up a bait hive...
  8. Newbeeneil

    Killing colonies

    I had a meeting with landlords of one of my out apiaries. I keep my bees at the bottom of their meadow, on the line of a disused railway. They live in the old station which has has bees in it for decades and I set bait hives to try to prevent too many new colonies setting up in the house. This...
  9. Newbeeneil

    Aborted unite.

    I had to go to an out apiary tonight to unite a colony with a very strong queen with a slow colony. I arrived and removed the resident queen to a cage and set about getting things ready for the unite only to find I hadn't put newspaper into the van... doh! So I put the hive back together and set...
  10. Newbeeneil

    Finding a queen.

    I'm normally pretty proficient at finding queens but I have a colony on 14x12 frames, threatening to swarm, that refuses to give up their queen. I've tried all the normal methods for finding her including pairing combs etc so tomorrow I'm returning with a broodbox with a QX attached. I propose...
  11. Newbeeneil

    Combining nice and nasty hives!

    Morning all, It seems one of my hives that was building quite nicely ready for the main crop has turned nasty since it requeened itself. On an inspection yesterday the little b****rs started attacking my wrists as soon as I opened them then chased me back to the van after I gave up trying to...
  12. Newbeeneil

    New poly nuc roof.

    I seem to remember someone mentioning that the roofs for Panyes nucs were not particularly good and suggested using poly sheet to craft a new one. I can't find the comment and wondered if anyone did this?
  13. Newbeeneil

    Uniting swarms

    I picked up 3 swarms yesterday. 1 was a reasonable size but the other 2 were only about 1 frames worth of bees. I think all 3 are casts. I don't want the small ones so how can I combine them?
  14. Newbeeneil

    No mow May!

  15. Newbeeneil

    When will this flower?

    I dropped my van off at a local mechanic early this morning and wandered back via my main apiary over a recently ploughed field. In the field entrance I passed a couple of guys in tractors having a bite to eat before sowing. I asked what they were sowing and they gave me a label for the Beemix...
  16. Newbeeneil

    Beekeeper required in Bromley

    One of my clients has an office in Bromley, Kent with 4 hives on the roof and requires a beekeeper to maintain them. It's too far for me but if anyone is interested message me and I'll give you the details. Neil
  17. Newbeeneil

    Payne nuc adaption.

    I've just acquired a couple of old Paynes poly nucs. I seem to remember seeing that the feeder can be cut out to allow for 2 more frames. Has anyone got details of how this is done?
  18. Newbeeneil


    Found a hive that had died out today. Still plenty of stores, mass of dead bees on floor and a few dead on the frames. There were several flecks of bee poo across the tops of the frames and some down the side of the box. I'm of a mind not to use the frames again but am I over reacting?
  19. Newbeeneil

    Consequences of Ciara

    I got a call earlier from the owners of a garden I keep 4 hives in to say a 60' eucalyptus tree had fallen on the hives. I collected plenty of spare kit and set off on the 25min trip to the apiary with all sorts of scenarios dancing through my head. When I arrived it was no where near as bad as...
  20. Newbeeneil

    Mouldy pollen in combs.

    I spent today sorting out combs that have been stored in my shed. I have some brood combs that have pockets of pollen that have gone mouldy. How do people deal with these?