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  1. T.Cookson

    Weather Stations

    Does anyone use a weather station at their out apiary. If so any recommendations ? Obviously there is no WiFi at my out apiary so would need to connect to 4G. Is there such a thing ?
  2. T.Cookson

    Wet Supers

    How long would you leave wet supers on ?
  3. T.Cookson

    Mineral Oils

    Morning all, My mentor has for over 40 years, been coating the inside of his hives with a quality mineral based machine oil, thinned with white spirit. He also coats the outside every few years with Creosote, then lets them air for a couple of weeks before putting them back into service. I've...
  4. T.Cookson

    Thorne Hives

    I'm looking at buying a Thorne WBC sometime soon & I am led to believe that they have a winter sale, so that might be a good time to pay them a visit. Question is, does anyone know when this sale is likely to be ?
  5. T.Cookson

    A Mentor Required Nottingham

    Newbee needs to get his hands sticky, if you know what I mean. Looking to gain experience with hives and bees. I am in Cotgrave, Nottingham. Have van, will travel. ;-)
  6. T.Cookson

    Hello from Cotgrave, Nottingham.

    Hi all, New to it all, have no hive or bees as yet, doing my research and reading books etc. Will be joining NBKA soon and hopefully next year will be starting out on this new and exciting venture with a hive in my garden. Any beekeepers in my area need a hand at this busy time, I will be...