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    Can Apivar stop bees taking syrup?

    Dribbling it down actually worked all taking the syrup now. Thanks
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    Can Apivar stop bees taking syrup?

    3 colonies all with apivar on only one taking syrup. I have dribbled it down today as suggested in the two that haven't touched it yet will check tomorrow or day after to see if that helps. Thanks
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    Can Apivar stop bees taking syrup?

    First time I have used Apivar and noticed the bees are ignoring the syrup. Is this just likely to be temporary or will they ignore until Apivar is out? Only put one strip in there between the two frames of brood on a 6 frame nuc. Also was wandering if it can affect the queen laying.
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    White dusty looking bees - what are they foraging on?

    As title interested to see what they are foraging on if anybody knows.
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    How the bees defend a nuc from wasps

    The wasps start at daybreak and they do not stop going at it all day until dark, has been going on here for weeks and this was just a 2 minute clip of that day. Hahaha yes I have heard the beeping wandered what it was.
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    How the bees defend a nuc from wasps

    Wasps everywhere, some nests very close to the bees this year so apparently the bees decided they need an entourage of bouncers at the door to stop the daily onslaught.
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    Too late to feed?

    Had silent robbing in my garden this year, bees being allowed to go in and remove honey unchallenged but would stop and defend against any wasps I am still trying to build that nuc stores back up as the parent colony nearly cleared them all out before they started to defend it properly and stop...
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    Want my garden back

    Would have to agree, garden beekeeper myself and have done something similar. Ended up running away with it a bit and had too many in the garden and one of this years new local mated queen was producing a lot feistier bees (extremely productive though would have been good for farm or someone...
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    How long could you keep a nuc closed up with ventilation?

    Also just realised I have posted this in the completely wrong place should be in beginners section
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    How long could you keep a nuc closed up with ventilation?

    Having some robbing/new queen introduction issues the bees don't seem to like her. Have someone picking up and taking my two big hives Thursday so was going to have a go trying new queen again in closed nuc and place where old hive was once it goes. Probably stupid idea but I love having a go at...
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    How long could you keep a nuc closed up with ventilation?

    As title says could I keep them closed for 5 days with ventilation and a daily water spray?
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    Asian Hornet

    I read they actually trap and tag individual hornets in Jersey then release them.
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    Bees available

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    Fiesty hive best way to requeen opinions

    Thanks for the advice I was ideally hoping to sort now before next spring, but had thought maybe that's probably the best action and advice I might get. I do have two other smaller colonies better behaved and seem to be doing well to fall back on, but this is by far the largest and possibly...
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    Fiesty hive best way to requeen opinions

    New queen local mated from April this year in this hive and it's become a real pain to inspect, it's done well and produced 3 supers in the summer crop 2 supers are still on the hive right now. It's very heavily populated with bees and has gradually become more aggressive over time, recently...
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    HELP - Hornets

    Do your Hornets look like these?
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    HELP - Hornets

    I have loads of hornets in my garden I use traps with Apple cider vinegar and sugar water a drop of washing up liquid and sometimes add some apple cider they go mad for the apple cider vinegar and the bees hate the smell so don't go in them. Emptied the traps a couple of days ago and was full of...
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    Carbonate crown boards

    Got mine from Calendon bees on ebay and they are very good comes with insulation which fits either side of the middle wood part I then pop 50mm of Kingspan on top of that.
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    The season isn't over yet

    Mine have done very well this year. Apparently Britain is on course for a scorching end to the summer as plumes of warm air from the Azores send temperatures spiralling, according to the latest weather charts...
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    Rhombus Bee escape vs 8 way Bee escape

    As per title which is the best to use to clear the supers in busy hives?