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  1. Antipodes

    Mouseguards and winter ventilation

    Apparently they can get through 8mm. Please see this NSW government article. https://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/biosecurity/vertebrate-pests/pest-animals-in-nsw/mouse-and-mice-plagues/mouse-biology
  2. Antipodes

    Mouseguards and winter ventilation

    Sorry for the confusion Boston Bees, I left of the "s".:oops: It's in the video in the second link.....at about 2:30.... They'll eat pretty much anything when they are hungry enough. Even themselves.
  3. Antipodes

    Mouseguards and winter ventilation

    Can you imagine how long a beehive would last in a mouse plague? There are more mice then bees. They'd eat the box and all.
  4. Antipodes

    Mouseguards and winter ventilation

    We get plagues of mice in Australia...you don't get them in the UK or anywhere else in the world apart from part of China. A pair of mice can produce 2000 offspring in a month. https://www.amusingplanet.com/2019/07/australias-mouse-plagues.html
  5. Antipodes

    Bee trees

    Not a bee tree, but looking back on some photos from last year, and had to do a double take on this eucalypt swarm that wasn't.😞
  6. Antipodes

    Honey bee abdomen diameter reference

    Ok...will keep searching and hopefully will be able to post back.
  7. Antipodes

    Honey bee abdomen diameter reference

  8. Antipodes

    Queen bee size changes

    This article confirms the observations of Rolande, post #27 Also interesting that the queen cell length did not have any correlation with the weight of the queen emerging from it. Also, bigger queens from the middle and bottom bar, rather than the top...
  9. Antipodes

    Unexpected surprise under the swarm lure box

    Inspected in a lure box today that I had precariously set up on the top of a very old tree stump remnant. The box was empty today, but for a large European queen wasp ....and a spider, who had made a couple of good webs in there. I left the lid off and went on to inspect adjacent hives...
  10. Antipodes

    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Well.....an Italian queen, bred by queen rearing experts.. from one of these cages. They have around 7000 colonies and start about 1400 cells a day through this time of year.👌
  11. Antipodes

    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Have a nasty colony. Genuine stingers and have been for a while. Been determined to kill the queen for a very long time. Loaded up the smoker and gave them an awful lot of smoke right in the entrance.... a vengeful amount. Opened the lid and........lambs. Anyhow, decided to proceed with the...
  12. Antipodes

    Banned members

    My understanding is that the time penalty is whatever a moderator/s deems meet.
  13. Antipodes

    Protecting Bees from predators

    These birds are well adapted to city living and what beautiful song! We have the biggest honeyeater in the world in Tassie (the Yellow Wattlebird) and I saw one gobbling some bees once and thought "I hope that doesn't continue". Luckily it didn't. I reckon that the birds "know" to vary...
  14. Antipodes

    Queen bee size changes

    Confirming the above...I've now seen that early on in the egg laying days of a queen she is still relatively small but observed today ( about three weeks later ), is much bigger. My small scrub queens failed to mate and lay eggs.
  15. Antipodes

    What are you making / selling for Xmas?

    Just giving some plain old jars of the best honey in the world.xmas giving
  16. Antipodes

    What's flowering as forage in your area

    Little video
  17. Antipodes

    Beekeeping reflections

    The really important things are genetics, nutrition, age of queen and disease management.....and all the same sized boxes🦘.
  18. Antipodes

    Hive heater! any thoughts......

    Yeah, but what about the face he accidentally made with the boxes at 22 mins in Part 2? A serious effort there with building it and he clearly enjoyed it:geek:.
  19. Antipodes

    What's flowering as forage in your area

    I've never heard of either bird, but blackbirds we have lots of. I took this fuzzy photo earlier this year of a bird here feasting on hawthorn berries. It's a bird only found in Tasmania, the Green Rosella. Photo 1. Then I had one cheeky one come right up to me to eat oak acorns as I took a...
  20. Antipodes

    Advice on setting up a bee shed?

    Yum....look like wafers!