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    Hive heater! any thoughts......

    So, when you place a heater under your over-wintered hives, what gain, in terms of time, do you think you obtain compared to your friends who do not use heaters? CVB
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    Hive heater! any thoughts......

    I started watching the first video and after about 10 minutes, I'd lost the will to live. Maybe a telescopic roof made of 50mm Celotex is the answer? CVB
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    Hive heater! any thoughts......

    Eighteen months ago, this thread raised the question of using low power heaters to get queens laying eggs earlier than would otherwise be the case. Did anybody follow up on this and use a heater for earlier brood? Finnie, my lovely, how much do you think your heaters bring forward the (drone)...
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    High mite count

    You've made a very valid point and, thinking about it, it reinforces the idea of treating a whole apiary rather than just selected colonies in order to catch the collapsing as well as the strong (robbing/refuge?) colonies. When there's brood, 3 or 4 vapings with Oxalic Acid should clear a...
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    Found a swarm

    You might want to think about improving their situation in situ. Could their weather-proofing be improved to protect them over winter, without disturbing them? Some insulation on the inside or outside or both, possibly. CVB
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    High mite count

    Thanks for the link. I went on to the Randy Oliver article from January 2016) that describes the ways to deliver Oxalic Acid here. In there Randy states "There are speculative hypotheses as to why acids kill varroa, but no definitive study. Beekeeper Gerhard Bruning suspects that OA crystals...
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    High mite count

    At various point in this thread the term ‘phoretic’ has been used and reference was made to an Apiarist piece from 2016. We mustn’t lose sight of the recent (2018) research by Dr Sam Ramsey that shows that so-called phoretic mites are not phoretic (using the host for transport ONLY) at all -...
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    Varroa feed on bees’ fat body

    His discovery does rather beg the question "How does Oxalic Acid, in a syrup solution, get to the soft parts of the varroa mite, largely hidden under the external segments of the exoskeleton, and kill it or at least make it let go?". I can see that OA vapour might find its way under there but a...
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    Oxalic sublimation

    Well, I think my batch number is A161385. CVB p.s. is batch number the same as Lot?
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    Hive plans/drawings.

    If you decide to build your own, you can make hives with top bee space, which is non-standard for many commercial hive manufacturers. I prefer top bee space as I think less bees are injured during inspections with TBS. I have made hives out of exterior grade plywood - quite heavy - and PIR...
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    Vaping PPE

    Another point to think about with the full-face mask is whether you need to wear spectacles. The seal is to prevent you sucking OA into the mask when you inhale. If you wear specs, you cannot get a seal where the mask meets the spectacle arms so when you breath in, you could suck vapour into the...
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    Two of the local supermarkets have installed acrylic screens in front of the cashiers to protect them from aerosol-borne viruses. In a few months, hopefully, when this Covid-19 situation is brought under control, there should be free supply of acrylic for "see-through" crown boards. Every...
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    Oxalic Acid.

    Steady - walls have ears you know! As JMB observed above, it is an offence to use an unauthorised veterinary medicine. CVB
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    Honey Labelling.

    Are there different Weights and Measures Regulations in Scotland, issued by the Scottish Assembly? My nominal half pound jars did not look right with 227g of honey in them - there was an unsightly gap between the honey and the lid. The label now says 240g to reduce the gap to zero. CVB
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    Honey Labelling.

    Well, I thought that Yeogi75 was wrong but cba to look up the relevant regulation. I can't imagine a TS officer saying to a magistrate "I want this beekeeper fined because he had more honey in the jar than was stated on the label". It ain't gonna happen! CVB
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    Honey Labelling.

    Here's a case in point. Not being waterproof was just one of the errors on this honey label I spotted in a shop in Looe. The cost of professional label printing is tiny compared to the benefits. Printers are able to obtain high quality label stock whereas an amateur might struggle to find that...
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    Honey Labelling.

    What the Regulations say The regulations state " In accordance with Articles 10 to 35 and subject to the exceptions contained in this Chapter, indication of the following particulars shall be mandatory: ... (h) the name or business name and address of the food business operator referred to in...
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    Safe beekeeping during Covid-19

    We did an inspection of 25 hives at a two part group apiary on Monday, which was after the social distancing rules came out but before the latest 'lockdown'. The rule we came up with was that we had to arrive at the apiary wearing gloves and a face mask. The type of face mask was not specified...
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    The drastic initial actions of the Wuhan authorities were commendable but we won't know the extent of their success until the restrictions on the population's liberty are eased. We will then find out whether the city of Wuhan has reached the magic 60% herd immunity (post infection) for the local...
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    Ron Hoskins vandalised

    Just looked at the fundraising site - there was a target of £5000 and the donation total currently stands at £5484. This is not surprising - Ron is such a nice guy and didn't deserve this to happen to him. As Ron is self-isolating due to his age, some assistance might be needed to get the...