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    Postal polystyrene jar protectors

    Have a mate & his Mrs up t'north from me shielding and he's asked for a couple of jars of honey from me. I recall years ago in the T's sale polystyrene cubes used to post honey in but haven't seen them since. Anyone know where I can get them or sell me a couple please?
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    murder in the village

    Did some extracting in the kitchen. Bees wax & propolis deposits on the relatively new tiled floor and Snr mngt not happy. If I suddenly stop posting, send search party, there will have been a murder. How do you get the wax and propolis off the tiles? I've tried steam cleaning - ha! don't...
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    Frame + foundation construction

    When I've made in advance both my super and brood frames with foundation they seem to "buckle" before use which I've noticed the old bee's don't seem to like. Expanding as I am to nearer 40 hives next season with my current hives all needing frame rotation out of the older darker brood frames...
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    Just watching the local news and the village of Maisemore is under water. Anyone know if Maise's is ok?
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    T Seeley

    Which of the legendary T Seeley's books does he write about tracking bee's please?
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    There's a conference next Sept in Southern Ireland organised by the SICAMM. Anyone know if there will be tickets on sale or is it just rock up to the door?
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    Vape Masks

    I have been using the 3M mask for the task and frankly, the straps that hold it to your face are, IMHO, woeful broadly speaking and not up to the job. It might be past training but a respirator or mask should be tight fitting and not leave me feeling it might drop off right when I need it...
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    Almost florescent yellow honey

    I've done a trawl of the site looking to identify my honey I'm extracting right now. It's a really bright yellow in colour when going through the extractor but when you get 30lb in a bucket its a golden amber colour. Lovely tasting, no bitter after taste and the cappings are pearly white. The...
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    Bee's for Development Bee House

    Just out of interest, has anyone got the dimensions to this product please?
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    I'm sure I recall reading somewhere or being told that if you are a member of the BBKA, you can get a Bookers card? If so how do I go about getting one? Anybody know please?
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    Risk Assessment

    I have been asked to write a risk assessment for one of my out apiaries. I've done the usual search on here but was hoping for more specific advice born from actual experience. To save re-inventing the wheel, has anyone a copy they have written that I could find some inspiration from please...
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    Pro vap 220

    Treating myself to one of these for Xmas. Now not being the technical type especially when it comes to electricity/battery power, I need the advice of someone who is technically competent off the forum. From the pro vap advert: The vaporizer is a 220 volt electrical appliance, 250 watts, 2.2...
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    A Strange one but linked

    I've just negotiated a deal with one of my apiary landowners, to be allowed to store some bee equipment on site and in return, I help feed the feral (ratting) cats. There are 14 of the little darlings. I'm not a cat lover so need some advice from those who are amongst us who are cat lovers...
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    Brood Box Handles

    I will be making up my home made commercial brood boxes this winter. As these BB's will be quite heavy when full of bees I'm going to need handles. Our friends across the pond cut hand holds but I was thinking of screwing off-cut handles to the outside of my BB's. My question is; Will the...
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    Keepers etiquette

    I've just been offered an out apiary and found out a local bee farmer has hives somewhere close who I'm told, wont be happy. I've no idea where just that he's local. Unaccustomed as I am to heeding a gypsies curse, is there any beekeeping folklore I'm unaware of? For the avoidance of...
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    Anyone willing to share fondant prices and location so we can all benefit? I'm looking for some in the Wiltshire / Bristol and M4 corridor to London areas for fondant at these amazingly low prices.
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    Sticky Numbers

    Sadly, I'm getting to the age where if I don't write it down its forgotten. So what, to aid my note taking I need to number my hives and was wondering what brand or method do you use to number your hives?
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    BIBBA conference

    Popped along yesterday, had planned on being their Friday too but work got in the way. I was pleasantly surprised to meet a few old friends that were there too. Yesterday was a really enjoyable day, the lectures I attended were very good so much so, that I think I'll book to go again next...
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    Comb replacement

    I'm interested to hear peoples methods of comb replacement when its black and its time to replace.
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    Smoke Candle things

    My garage is the store room for all my spare hives and equip etc and I've been deluged by wax moth this year despite taking the necessary precautions. I have some of those Smoke generators, candles type things (some of the names for them) that you use in greenhouses etc and I got to thinking...