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    Varroa drop rate with MAQS

    Hi , I just put MAQS in each of my three hives for the first time after I had my first visit from the RBI last week. She said everything looked fine in the colonies but that it was time to get the MAQS in as a precaution. The mite drop from the three hives in the first 24 hours was hive 1...
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    Drones being evicted already??

    One if my hives looked quite busy this afternoon, I thought it looked like it was being robbed so went to close the entrance down but on closer inspection the fighting was all workers going for drones. Isn't this rather early in the season for that or is it telling me something? This particular...
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    Hot air gun to uncap honey frames?

    Hi, I was chatting with a friend recently and he suggested flashing the capping off full super frames using a hot airgun instead of using a knife. I tried it on one frame and it seemed to work brilliantly, just the quickest of waves with the gun and the wax pretty much vanished. Has anyone...
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    Grumpy Bees and Requeening to improve temper

    My medium sized colony of quite aggressive Norfolk Mongrels have requeened after their old queen stopped laying and I removed her and introduced a frame with a queen cell on from a colony with a much nicer disposition. She has hatched and mated with whoever she could find and is now laying with...