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    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Apiguard 3rd week of 4; foraging like mad - loads of ivy outside apiary: and beyond that a field of this: A field of scarlet and Alsike (Swedish) clover
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    When do you nadir your hives?

    I think you may have missed the heavy dose of irony in my reply!
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    When do you nadir your hives?

    the bees spend all spring and summer collecting and processing nectar to build up stores for the winter only to have most or all of it stolen and eaten/flogged off by humans; in return they have to start all over again or get given some cheap stuff shipped over from god knows where or dug up...
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    Bakers’ fondant

    https://www.chocolatefalls.co.uk/ingredients/sugars/12.5kg-soft-white-bakers-fondant?cPath=5773& Ordered 37.5Kg last Friday came Monday delivery £6
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    Acetic acid can be used to fumigate empty comb/boxes for wax moths
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    Ivy honey

    Fascinating; there is an article in Beecraft 09/20 about ivy honey that says the complete opposite “if there isn’t much nectar available after the main harvest feed your colonies on heavy sugar syrup so that by the time the ivy flowers the bees will already have sufficient stores for...