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    NHS Covid App

    Not the first huge sum of money the government of the time has given a service provider for a project that either has been scrapped or doesn't work. It happens regularly.
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    Effectiveness of OA sublimation in practice

    Purely anecdotal evidence but since the neonics ban I have seen a lot less varroa related problems. Neonics kills termites by suppressing their grooming instinct and the colony then dies of diseases related to not grooming. I have searched for research to see if neonics has the same effect on...
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    Illegal vaping and new laws

    I've had my collar felt a few times. They only know what you tell them most of the time. Say nowt and carry on.
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    Bees gone over winter

    Absconded it happens. I've had colones move next door in winter. Nowt left in the box but a few frames of stores.
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    Hive heater! any thoughts......

    Not needed in the UK. We haven't had a proper winter for years.
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    Effectiveness of OA sublimation in practice

    The polite ones yeah :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
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    Effectiveness of OA sublimation in practice

    I read some research a while ago regarding using OA sublimation when brood was present. The findings of the research were that while brood was present the efficacy of the 3 treatments 5 days apart was around 70%. This may seem low but it makes it roughly on par with the efficacy of Apiguard...
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    Help with a book needed.....

    The book went up in price when it became a go to book for BIBBA members. I'm sure I had a copy but cannot find it, I have the apimondia queen rearing book. Not sure if I lent it to someone. Never mind. Can't help sorry.
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    Bees not taking down invertbee

    How heavy is the hive ?
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    What regulates egg production in Winter

    what is royal jelly made of ? When is the queen stimulated to lay by food that is produced by pollen ? Pollen is the key, without it you have no eggs and worker bees don't develop so no brood.
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    What regulates egg production in Winter

    Pollen is the chemical trigger and daytime temperatures they can safely fly in. yew makes pollen from Feb onward. Plenty of trees start making pollen early, this is no coincidence it;s evolution.
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    Swarm Management

    Swarm triangle
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    Swarm Management

    I prefer the nuc method or requeening so no swarm management is needed. I would need a lorry full of stuff to use the pagden or demaree. As long as you remove one of the triggers you'll be fine regardless of which version you like. it's all about finding something that suits how you work.
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    New and unknowledgeable

    Good luck. Most of the time the bees will be ok until the beekeeper goes in and causes chaos.
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    Climate Change EV Threat to Bees

    Climate change has already made several species of Bumblebee extinct in the UK. Those bad boys aren't made for warm climates.
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    What regulates egg production in Winter

    Bees can tell time. They can allow for the movement of the sun during dances. Bees are very attuned to the length of the daylight hours. Remember they have to be 3 weeks ahead to generate a foraging force. Don't try and work it out in human terms we don't think the same just work with it.
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    National Bee Improvement

    The issue with varroa resistant bees is they swarm a lot and make little honey. Tom seeley. Problems with bee breeding are if you focus on one point then other points fail. Lasi. The lasi bees are the perfect example, allegedly varroa tolerant but ended up with EFB after making a lot of money...
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    1952 Manley footage

    The BBKA has a lot of old footage from butler, manley and the like. You can buy it on a memory stick I believe. edit https://www.bbka.org.uk/shop/archive-films-memory-stick
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    Which type of bees?

    report away mate it isn't me with the closed mind and one track agenda. I have not broken forum rules in any way. I haven't edited quotes to twist them and it wasn't me that brought politics into the thread first. Does the truth hurt ?
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    What regulates egg production in Winter

    Same as always food in = eggs out.