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    Nursery frames

    Hi all. I picked up a bunch of second hand kit from a guy this year and amongst it is one of these nursery frames. Can I ask what is the best use for these? Is it for banking virgins or better for mated queen's? And how would you go about using them effectively?
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    Winter feeding.

    Is anyone winter feeding yet? I put some feeders on this week after the warning from the bee unit. I'm thinking I may have jumped the gun a bit now though. My hives had totally demolished the apipasta packs I put on last week though so my plan for tomorrow is to go through tomorrow and...
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    Disaster strikes

    Just had a call to say that mt apiary screens have come down on my hive and the bees are very angry. Jumped straight into the car as the heavens opened and was there in 5 mins. I found my hive on its roof having received a full downpour straight through the colony. Lots of dead bees in there...
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    Are my girls trying to Swarm? Supercede? or just teaseing me?

    Ok guys I have a couple of questions since todays inspection. My colony has been in place since the 13th of July, they were a split from my mentors colony and the queen was hatched late June this year. She is clipped and marked. The colony was taken to my site on the above date and according...
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    Looking for small wine bottles

    Hey guys, I'm getting married next year and for the wedding favors to guests I'm planning to give them a small jar of honey and a small bottle of mead. Does anyone know of a supplier for small single glass bottles? Thanks in advance
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    Woo hoo we have lift off at last.

    Well what a frustrating reintroduction to this hobby it has been this year. It started promisingly when a swarm decided to move into some of my mentors spare kit. The colony of lovely light coloured bees covered three frames and were flying well. So they were moved to my apiary and a week later...
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    Suspecting laying workers :(

    Ok so I finally managed to get to the swarm that landed in my mentors spare kit last week. He put it into a nuc box 8 days ago and we took it to my apiary. Today was the first opportunity I've had to get there and on looking at the front of the hive everything looked promising with pollen and...
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    How long does syrup last??

    I made up some 1:1 syrup on Thursday with the intention of using it to feed a swarm I was planning to move into a brood box. However things became a bit hectic here and the weather didn't play ball fully so the the syrup is still sitting in a bucket covered up in my garage. My question is how...
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    My first question please bee gentle :) Baiting a hive?

    I have seen around the other threads that colonies seem to be very strong early this year, so I was wondering if I was to think about baiting a hive to catch a swarm would it be prudent to start earlier say mid April this year?? Thanks guys Ash
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    Hello All

    Hi guys. I'm a returning Beekeep from Romford. I kept Bees in my old job about 7 years ago but when I left I couldn't take them with me! :( I have now however managed to find a site on an allotment that I can keep bees and have set up my apiary and have purchased a hive. Now just have to...